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  1. Sade has become one of my favorites. As others have said, I love everything but the price. Highly recommended.
  2. That'll keep me busy for a while. Schitzoprenic!? I'm bleeding quadrophenic! Dwayne Eddy and Jade Edouard tonight. Eddy 'n' Eddy. Heh, Heh. Cheers
  3. Right on. You hit it on the head. Sometimes I'm just late to the party, like I didn't figure out what punk was about until it was over. From time to time I try to discover what all those people find so enthralling about classical music. It's probably easier if you have a guide. I'm still not sure really sure what "New Wave" is. Maybe you could post a couple links for me.
  4. Found it. Are you going with me is a beautiful piece of music. I like the harp work. While I was there I checked out a couple of his covers. He is a very accomplished guitarist. Nice arrangements. All pretty subdued. Very nice, all in all. I appreciate it for what it is, and I enjoy listening to it. But, my man, if you've got any hard driving, blues based, three chord rock and roll in there, now is the time to break it out. It ain't sophisticated. The words don't necessarily carry any meaning. I don't in the least blame classical-music-types for rolling their eyes when Suzie-Q comes through the speakers, but it's in my DNA.
  5. The argument stops right here, actually. Surprising how many excellent records came out. You just need to dig past the mascara to find it. Quite so, MPC. I'm one of those silly people who thinks that we can have meaningful discussions about things like art and music, even if our tastes are different. In fact it is the differences that make the conversation worthwhile. Still, it is most enjoyable when done with empathy and respect and it is easy to go over the top without realizing. I hope no one took offense, as that is never my intention. Tonight is Johnny Winter and Ridge verte. Chicago blues and Kalispell booze are a good fit.
  6. Lots of good music in the 80s. If you think Depeche Mode had no soul, viddy any of the clips of them at Rock Am Ring, reducing what looks like a crowd of millions to jello. This one, for example: It took almost 48 hours for that to draw fire. I'm surprised. I attacked an entire decade worth of music, after all. Surely there must be tons of great songs written in any random ten year period. But the evolution of music doesn't follow a linear path, I think. It advances in fits and starts. Like God dumped a bucket full of creativity on some jazz guys in the 40s and bebop bloomed out of it over a couple decades as they fed off each other. Each innovation opens new frontiers and when we are lucky there is a group of people paying attention who have the talent and the vision to push it to another level. Pretty soon there is a whole new genre of music that popped up almost overnight. The 50's were fertile ground for rhythm and blues. Rock and roll caught fire in the 60s, but it couldn't be what it was if Zep, the Stones, the Yardbirds, [the list goes on and on] hadn't got hold of some scratchy old records of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, [the list...]. I like a lot of Depeche Mode's music, but it's pretty much stuff that was spawned from that 60s revolution. Never Let Me Down Again is a nice tune, but it follows the time honored tradition of the long drone. Play it back to back with this one: There is a lot of power in that drone! The thing about the fits and starts is they are invisible from inside. You have to get the perspective of time to recognize the difference between genius innovation and flash in the pan crap. I'm betting that a hundred years from now people will still be talking about the Beatles and Stones. And Frank Zappa! ABBA? Not so much. Let me stick my neck out a little farther. I associate the 80s with stuff like Journey and Foreigner. There are more examples, but that should get me plenty of hate mail. No sense pissing off a whole generation. I know those guys sold millions of records so there has to be something of value in there. It's just my misfortune that I don't hear it. For me, the bottom line remains: True dat! Nobody evolved a story line over time like FZ, too. Always subtle. What a sense of humor. He must have been a gas to party with. And we haven't mentioned his talent as a composer: <EDIT: oops, you did. Let me offer an example> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKlAIhuXRLE He was taken from us too soon. Tonight is Vieux Pontarlier and The Allman Bros. And please apply IMHO to this whole freaking discussion.
  7. Wow, man, that's beautiful! I love Page's stuff. The way he pulls out those sweet melodic riffs and arpeggios that melt your heart, and then slams back into the rhythm and knocks you off your chair. I think Livin Lovin Maid was the first song I learned after House of the Rising sun. Your treatment of Ten Years Gone is on the mark. It fits that mandolin like a glove. Who'da thunk? This Blues Cat fits them both so well I think I'll play it again while I louche another one.
  8. Sorry for the edit, Jetzster, but the 80s were pretty much of a musical desert for me. Couldn't seem to find anybody carrying on with the Delta acoustic thing or the Chicago electric thing. Grunge hadn't been born yet. Prolly just my own fault that I couldn't get into Punk, I guess. But the airwaves were polluted with songs that had no soul. If it's lost, forgotten, or rejected the blues, it ain't rock and roll any more, it's just pop shit! [Rant, rant, rave, cuss, kick the wall.] So tonight it is Frank Zappa from the early 70's. Tellin' you all the zombie troof. Here I'm is, the Zombie Woof. I don't care who ya hang out with, that's Pulitzer material, right there. And Jack Bruce doing about 3 minutes of electric bass lead before he hands it over to Frank. Sustain, wah, distortion, fast fingers, and a glass of Blues Cat. The crux of the biscuit is, indeed, the Apostrophe.
  9. You're a good sport. I would try to describe this, but I'm not especially good at that, and this is glass #4, and Shabba and Absomphe always use up all the good words, anyway. You won't regret waiting for it. It's absolutely delicious! Highest compliments, Stephano, I can't wait to taste the next batch.
  10. Never underestimate the power of placebos, suggestion, and contact highs, when combined with the intense natural desire of our species to get fucked up explore altered states of consciousness.
  11. Actually, uh, that might be my fault. My bottle arrived today, and it is delightful! I saw the OOS sign pop up right after I ordered. Ah shucks, AFO, I shore am sorry I got the last bottle.
  12. It's only the beginning of day three since my bottle's arrival, and I must agree wholeheartedly. +1. Day 4.
  13. Hmmm...instant aging! I'll have to confess to trying exactly that. I have an oxygen concentrator, and I thought maybe I could cheat father time. I tried at atmosphere and also under low pressure. I finally gave up after ruining several bottles of new HG. It not only flattened the taste, but reduced the alcohol content as well. Another lesson in the virtues of patience, I suppose.