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  1. gulp . . . . . D -- A -- M -- N. Really nice. You shore know how to pick your friends.
  2. :groupwave reversed: Happy Birthday Ambear.
  3. Meh, I make a good graton me too, ya. It's just so damn much trouble I'd rather buy them and enjoy. My bestest compliment on my gratons was our CFO at work, through a mouthful, states, "these are the best gratons he ever ate." Then adds, "and I done at a bunch of gratons". He weighed in at ~350 and loved to cook. Don't it just make you sick when someone gets on a thread and tutes' their own horn? Artemis, may I one day have you try some of mine.
  4. I have a cousin that we always called JuJu. Don't know how the name originated. His given name is James. His brother is called BooBoo -- I think we probably know how he got that name.
  5. I'm sorry Miguel -- the store I frequent is Goulas Grocery. It is just south of Breaux Bridge. They make a smaller graton that has all lard cooked out. Very crispy.
  6. Just a note on the continued use of cajun french in today's society. My brother and I drove over to Carencro to drop off a load of calves at the sale barn this morning. The guys tagging and sorting were carrying on their conversation in french. The two guys were probably in their early 60's. Sadly, I understood very little. I'm with Miguel on the gratons. That little gas station/grocery store in Parks has the best for my taste. I like a dry graton. Some folks like the meat a little chewey and Best Stop fits that bill.
  7. I picked up my first bottle of Vieux Carré today. Opened the bottle and of course took a whiff of the aroma. Not familiar with the "term(s)" used for the description so I'll suffice to say it smelt of liquorice and other stuff. A pleasant aroma all the same. I'm not a fan of liquorice candy so I was anticipating how this would compare taste wise. I had read in a thread that one of the brands had been tried neat so that was my first taste. Thankfully, it was a very small amount. WOW -- very intense flavors. Had read in several threads the differing dilutions and it seemed that about 3:1 was about the most popular. That is what I'm sipping on at the moment. No sugar. The flavors are all there but not over powering. The liquorice is there but not like in the candy where it is just too much. A natural tasting, multi-dimensional flavor profile for which I'm ill-equipped to properly explain. I do experience the numbness on the lips and tongue as well. Overall, much enjoyed and looking forward to comparing VC to other absinthe brands. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and the guidance to a very positive first absinthe experience.
  8. Well I stopped in at Marcello's this afternoon. Here are the offerings: Vieux Carré Lucid (with spoon included) Mansinthe Absente NV Pernot I picked up a bottle of VC.
  9. Thanks Miguel and Tami -- I like the direction this has gone. Will try to stop in a Marcello's and pick up a bottle of Vieux Carré. Then, when back down south will have to hunt up the Pacifique.
  10. After reading through this thread one starts to view things in the home with a new intention. I noticed this "thing" that had been on the counter for some time with absolutely no purpose. When I spotted it today a fountain immediately came to mind. Upon closer inspection there seems to be cracks throughout the glass. Would this happen to be some characteristic of the type of glass or just a useless vaselette?
  11. Thanks again for the nice welcome. Will try not to wait too long (now that I have a few names to look for). My understanding is that my general vicinity is VERY limited on choices and may have to wait on a trip down to New Orleans. If you LA guys know of resources here in the Lafayette area I'd welcome the insight. thanks again
  12. Thank you for the welcome all. SouthCentral -- the Lafayette area.
  13. I was introduced to the "concept" of absinthe by a coworker a year or so ago. I've never tried it but have been intrigued since the very first discussions. The guy was an absinthe fanatic. I have done some reading up on the colorful history and traditions associated and decided to join to further enrich the educational experience. I hope to eventually enjoy a glass of the mysteriously magnificent nectar.