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  1. Sorry if we already have a thread on this subject but in my rec room I have a framed absinthe poster and am looking to add to my collection. Any recommendations by members.
  2. It's been a while since I've visited the forum. State of Washington
  3. I could not get either page to load on my iPad.
  4. Moving my mother-in-law to assisted living so working on various liquors in her liquor cabinet.
  5. Marc, I am not sure if you are a member of ADI but I recently attended the national conference in San Diego and was saddened that the evening the distillers had free tasting there was no distiller that had absinthe for sampling.
  6. Thanks, that is what I later found, the bottle used the term Grappa so at first I thought it was made from grapes but it's color and nose just told me it had to be similar to absinthe in it's ingredients.
  7. Sorry it has been a while since I have visited the site. I am in the process of moving my mother-in-law into assisted living and found in her pantry this bottle posted below dated 1978 Italy. It had never been opened so my wife opened it for a taste. Has a very absinthe flavor but is more of a liqueur. Anyone have any experience with it?
  8. Welcome, great info with knowledgeable members to help along the way!
  9. I love that area and Belize in general, they have great deals for US citizens wanting to retire and relocate but after reading the add I have to concur with your concerns.
  10. Welcome, lots to learn and some great reads here at the forum!
  11. Sorry haven't checked in in a while and realize the post is over a month old. I had a friend of mine who is a glassblower in Seattle make me a fountain. I obtained the spigots for the cost of shipping from a vendor that had ones that were in great shape but when people bought their fountains they tried to lift it out of the box grabbing the spigots. My friend just merged them into the glass and it works perfectly. I posted this picture a long time ago but will repost here.
  12. Found one hit on eBay using "absinthe spoon holder" as a search.
  13. I've got to get back down as I haven't visited since the laws in Washington changed. Are you able to taste at your distillery yet?
  14. Welcome to the forum, I have to admit it has been some time since I visited as I have been very busy and also belong to 3 other forums. The topic has moved to weather and as I type this it is 21 F where I live in Washington State.
  15. +1, will you list your stores and restaurants that carry the product on your website?
  16. Pacifique, was the pre-dinner drink and a little raspberry liqueur for after dinner.
  17. Welcome to the forum, Sweden is a country I would like to visit more. We go to Norway every 3-4 years to visit my wife's cousins and have only been to Sweden once and that was to catch a ship to England.
  18. I'm still using red wine glasses, but new ones are on my short list!
  19. Welcome you are either tongue tied or at a loss for words with all the info here!
  20. I just made a batch of Aquavit, it is a copy of the brand Falu Brannvin that is no longer made. Ingredients: Pour 3 pints of you your finest 40% vodka in a one liter container with a pretty big opening. Add 2 tsp whole caraway 2 tsp whole fennel 2 whole star anise 39 g. of bitter orange peels Let macerate for a week and then filter it. Add 14 Tbsp sugar and let it dissolve. Now add more vodka. This is a question of how strong flavor you like but I add about 1 pint or so. To add some body and sourness add 1 oz full bodied Scotch and the juice from 1 lemon. It's ready to drink right away but the taste gets better if it's allowed to rest for a while.
  21. I have to disagree, a good corn whiskey straight up or on ice is a good drink if it comes from the hearts. Unfortunately most of what you get has smearing with the heads and tails which leaves a poor taste in your mouth. I guess it is like any good drink if the distiller takes pride in his/her work then your probably going to get a good drink!
  22. Nice looking fountain, and it looks like you have a nice place to showcase it!