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  1. Interestingly, I have often trouble accessing WS at all via my mobile for some reason - I get a 403 - Forbidden error. But that seems more like trouble from my provider. But, I already found mobile access handy for ad-hoc viewing of reviews in liquor shops
  2. Thank you all for the kind words I can see this is a very nice and polite forum.. Not many of these around nowadays
  3. What is the actual point of this activity? I don't really know anyone sniffing tobacco and have always wondered if it's just a different way of getting nicotine into your system or if there is any difference from smoking a cigarette, except snuff being maybe healthier?
  4. This story made me hungry But it's a nice one nevertheless.
  5. Greetings Absintheers! So I thought I'd drop in to say hello and introduce myself for a bit, since I just joined.. I'm not very good at this, so bear with me:) Also, I am usually more of a lurker, so you might not see me here very often. I'm an IT/juggler guy from Slovakia, which is incidentally next to the Czech republic, which is incidentally where my first brands of Absinthe were from.. I however recognize the potential in Absinthe, I like the culture and the ritual. I'm more of a tea person than an alcoholic (although please don't hold me to this on weekends:) )and I do enjoy preparing a tasty drink to sip. A question to you guys: Is the traditional method of Absinthe preparation really so little known, or is where I live just a cultural backwater? Everyone seems really surprised when I tell them about the whole cold water to louche thing, people even sometimes think I'm making it up. I tried burning some wannabe Absinthe, it was just about the worst thing ever. I'm not sure how anyone would want to drink any kind of alcohol like that, but, de gustus.. I do have one good Absinthe experience - holding my brand new Roquette bottle:) But being the newbie that I am, I will keep it in store for a time until I get enough experience to really appreciate it and the Absinthe matures. So do ask if you want to know more, and meanwhile have a nice day!
  6. Excellent, so off to the dungeon it is! Now only to explain to the dragon (grandma) why I am storing a bottle of expensive alcohol.. I'm not sure I can get any Pacifique around here, however St. Antoine is available nearby.. So I'll probably start there:) Thanks for all the replies!
  7. Hello! I am quite new to Absinthe, got greedy and suddenly a wild Roquette 1797 appeared in my possession! Since I understand that this is some quality liquid, I am thinking of storing it in my cellar and forgetting about it for a few years. Would I gain anything by doing this? Does Absinthe improve over time like, say, wine does? Thanks:)