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  1. I don't know why I got an error message and then this got posted twice. I'm confused as well as absinthe-minded!
  2. Thank you, pierreverte, for posting these photos! I was aware that they had to change the label for approval, but had not seen the original.
  3. Here is a photo from St. George Spirit's Facebook page that I assume served as inspiration for their label. It looks a vintage promo shot for Junod Absinthe to me. Does anybody know the history behind this?
  4. More absinthe for you Of course that thought has already occured to me! So I'll just look at the bright side.
  5. This is true, Miguel. I really have been enjoying the Vieux Carre. In fact, it's getting close to empty, so I plan on picking up another bottle.
  6. He might want to check out Sorciere Absinthe Verte, It is noted for having a stronger brandy flavor, and milder herb bill. Also comes in a smaller 375ml size so you can try it out for less $ Leopold has a great pisco base, but a stronger worwood and other herb profile. Both are easy to find is SoCal. My go-to absinthe shop is K & L in Hollywood, You can find Pasifique (sold out at the moment) and you can pre- order Ridge. Also they have had Marteau, and will likely have that when the new batches come in. Thanks for all the great suggestions, LoucheyMonster! I picked up La Sorcerie at BevMo today. I had actually been debating on trying it, so the reccommendartion is helpful. Pacifique, Ridge, and Marteau are already on my wish-to-try list. Next time I'm in Hollywood, I'll check out K & L. Thanks also for alerting me to Leopold, a fine option that I had not yet considered.
  7. It really is unfortunate that the LTV product isn't as well crafted as the bottle. I treasure my cute little mini. Just wish I could get my hands on a large bottle to use as a decanter.
  8. HUZZAH! I'm so stoked to be part of the A Team! (That's A as in Absinthe)
  9. A special occasion? Such as a lovely weekend with your computer wiz husband? A nice glass of Jade can make any quiet occasion special. Indeed it would. Too bad my dear husband doesn't appreciate absinthe! At least he has been a good sport and has tried it. He thinks it should not be diluted, and that St. George is the best because it is made with brandy. He would much rather taste the brandy than the herbs.
  10. Everyday is special, indeed, and we do well not to take life for granted. So I celebrated with a glass of Duplais Verte!
  11. The WS Welcoming Committee is in fine form! My heartfelt thanks to each of you for the warm welcomes and kind compliments. I'm getting a case of the warm fuzzies equivalent to that induced by a shot of absinthe neat! BTW, I did celebrate earlier this evening with a glass of Duplais Verte, louched, that is.
  12. Greetings from the City of Orange, California! While I am but a babe in the (worm)woods, I have undertaken the education of myself and my friends on the subject of absinthe to the degree that many would call an obsession. I want to thank all the fine folks at the Wormwood Society for making my foray into glacial sagebrush territory a most enjoyable one. I would not think to embark on such an adventure without a trustworthy compass. The absinthe reviews have been a big help. My thanks also go to Ted A. Breaux for providing the other necessity for such an expedition – an inextinguishable light! My journey began in February 2011 when one of my friends announced that she had bought some absinthe. I had first heard of absinthe in my college freshman art history class and have been intrigued by Degas' L'Absinthe ever since. Little did I know that I would ever get a chance to taste the stuff, so I naturally jumped at the opportunity. Not having done any research at this point, I had no idea what to expect. What my friend had was a mini bottle of Le Tourment Vert. She poured me about an ounce and I sipped it neat. You might be surprised that I was not put off by it, but it went well with the chocolate-covered marzipan that I was nibbling, and the instant all-over warm fuzzies felt lovely on a chilly winter night. I wanted to try more, but was not yet prepared to shell out the bucks for a full 750 ml, so I purchased a mini bottle of Grande Absente, an absinthe spoon, sugar cubes, and a Pontarlier glass at my local BevMo (after going on-line and learning about the absinthe ritual). I was hooked from the start by the ritual and accoutrements. Once I decided to purchase a full bottle, I went to High Time Wine Cellar. I knew I wanted to start with an affordable traditional verte, and with a little assistance from the knowledgeable staff, chose the Vieux Pontarlier, which I really enjoyed. I have since had La Muse Verte, Lucid, St. George, Vieux Carre, Kübler, and Duplais Verte. I am also in possession of a bottle of Jade Nouvelle-Orleans, and although I'm dying to try it, I'm saving it for a special occasion. Here's hoping such a worthy occasion presents itself soon! I recently chanced upon a 2-spigot glass absinthe fountain for half the cost I've seen on-line, and so my enthusiasm for sharing the Emerald Muse with my friends has grown. Alas, even after tasting a traditional absinthe prepared the French way, my friend who gave me Le Tourment Vert said it was really cool, but she still prefers to drink it neat! I have not yet decided on a favorite brand, so my approach at present is based on the advice of a popular song, that being to "love the one you're with!" And so, I have come here to continue my education, and to learn what they did not teach me of in college. Having never joined an on-line forum before, I hope that you all will have patience with me and forgive any blunders I make, which I hope will not be of an unpardonable nature. I am no computer wiz like my husband, who is a programmer. I'm just an absinthe-minded artist! I hope that I have not carried on for too long. Vive la Nouvelle Belle Époque! Kelly A. Smith