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  1. Perhaps ShaihHulud's Litany Against Fear of Absinthe is in order! Litany against fear of Absinthe - I must not fear Absinthe. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my Absinthe. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the Absinthe has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
  2. Thanks for deleting the irrelevant image. It occurred to me after I logged out that I should try my hand at editing. This is my first time joining a discussion forum, so I'm still learning.
  3. I received a reply to my query regarding the Christmas absinthe on Stranger and Stranger's facebook page stating that they are commercializing it and will keep me posted. Here's hoping they put some good absinthe in that beautiful bottle!
  4. No idea. When I cut and pasted the quote from the website it was a photo of a glass of absinthe. I had intended to only copy the text, but the photo copied along with it. And now it seems to have morphed into and outdated campaigne ad. Bizarre!
  5. I have read that three of the Jades are reverse-engineered from pre-ban absinthes, but that the Jade NO is Ted's personal recipe. While it is inspired by pre-ban absinthe, it is "part Ted Breaux, part New Orleans, and part vintage absinthe", and therefore not intended to be a clone.
  6. Is it best to let it age unopened, or opened? I have a bottle of Jade NO which I've been dying to try. I've been planning on opening it for fast approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations. Perhaps a good compromise is to drink a few glasses over the holidays, and then put it away for awhile? This is the most expensive bottle of alcohol I've ever purchased, so I want to get the most enjoyment out of it, but I'm not sure if I can hold out for a full year or two! I'm sure I'll want to have at least a couple of glasses next National Absinthe Day, also.
  7. A pleasure to meet you, Green Spirit! I dig your avatar!
  8. I'll have to give that a try. On the rocks might be interesting, too.
  9. Really? I've been under the impression that it's an aperitif or digestif. That's what chemist Ted Breaux says, and he's producing absinthe like the pre-ban stuff. Perhaps it depends on one's definition of medicine. Would you prefer to call it a suppliment? I do use the word "dose", but not "on".
  10. [image deleted by admin] But the most important thing to remember is -- Don't let the first sip scare you away! That first gulp is always the worst. The moment this ultra-bitter stuff hits the tongue, it will send you into a cartoon-character-like convulsion. But I can assure you -- Your taste buds will eventually de-sensitize to the point that this nasty swill almost tastes good! Homemade Absinthe is definitely an acquired taste. Also remember that it doesn't matter how much you drink -- That licorice flavor will linger in your mouth for hours. Once you commit to that first drink, you might as well see it through. And I promise, by the time you finish that 3rd glass you won't care about the taste. Well... at least you wont care as much!! So funny, but also very sad. I sincerely hope this very misled individual will have the opportunity to enjoy some good quality absinthe. So ironic that the Modern Marvels episode featuring Ted Breaux should appear on this website. I do hope this person learns something from it.
  11. I've hinted quite a bit already in this thread that I don't think it will ever happen. Let's expand on this. I met them a few months ago to see if I could help them get this on the market. My view after the meeting and various emails is that this was 100% a packaging PR exercise and that any product they may have been considering would have made Tourment Vert taste good. Thanks for the info, Alan. And thank you for your efforts. If they ever do go into production, they certainly need to find a high quality absinthe that lives up to the fine packaging.
  12. I like the Sorciere. It is pretty mild. Almost mild enough to drink neat. My husbands' verdict is that it's OK, but that he would still rather have straight brandy.
  13. I couldn't justify it, either. So I asked my husband, who loves wine but has had a difficult time finding the kind of wine he really likes, if he would spend a hundred bucks on a bottle of wine made the way they used to make it. He answered in the affirmative without hesitating, and voila, I was able to purchase a bottle of Jade Nouvelle-Orleans with a clearer conscience! How's that for rationalizing?! I am saving that bottle for the Holidays, and I can't wait to try it. I'm dreaming of a Jade Christmas!
  14. Bienvenue a la Nouvelle Belle Epoque, Rimbaud!
  15. All I know is that I want one! What an exquisite package design! Do any of you seasoned (and herbed) veterans have enough pull to talk the fine folks at Stranger and Stranger into doing a larger run on this absinthe so that we newcomers can get in on it?
  16. Bienvenue a la Nouvelle Belle Epoque! And a warm welcome to the Wormwood Society as well, Bushman! Enjoy!
  17. Greetings, Neighbor! A pleasure to meet you, FaeVert! Do you perchance have any personal recommendations for fine eating/drinking establishments that serve absinthe in OC? I have been to 320 Main in Seal Beach, which I enjoyed, but I'm looking for someplace a little closer to Orange that has a fountain and staff that know how to use it! (I have seen photos on-line of absinthe fountains filled with absinthe instead of ice water!) I suppose just having the fountain is a good start. I can always inform them on the proper use!
  18. Repeal Day is a good start, but I'm looking forward to some serious celebrating on National Absinthe Day! Sante! (I sure wish I knew how to do the accent on the "e")
  19. Very cool travel case, Scott! Have absinthe, will travel!
  20. Bienvenue a la Nouvelle Belle Epoque! Evan and Miguel give sound advice. I have found the WS reviews to be extremely helpful. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing my first bottle. Searching out a good liquor store with knowledgeable staff may prove to be worth the effort, also. Good luck on your foray into the world of absinthe! Enjoy!
  21. Bienvenue a la Nouvelle Belle Epoque, John! Thank you for your service to our country, and have a safe trip home. And by all means, have a most enjoyable foray into the world of absinthe! Sante!
  22. So, when are they going to get together and produce some absinthe-filled chocolates? I've got a craving! Great post cards, BTW!
  23. I can't think of a more interesting spirit than absinthe!!! Hello there, Darren! Welcome to the Wormswood Society!