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    Absinthe!<br />Antiques<br />Astronomy<br />Art<br />Books<br />Cats<br />Cyber travel<br />Meteorology<br />Photography<br />Post cards<br />Stamps<br />Theology<br />Time travel
  1. Minnalouche

    Verreries de Meisenthal catalog

    Thanks a bunch, Marc, for sharing this fabulous catalog with us!
  2. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Gee, thanks, Bill! You're a true friend!
  3. Minnalouche


    Best Bohemian Birthday Wishes to you, Ted! I'm not late - just Bohemian! Actually, it's probably time for a new eyeglass rx, as I knew it was your birthday. I was on the forum last Sunday, but didn't see any posts, so I didn't think you were hanging around these parts any more. I know you're a very busy fellow! And I did drink a glass of Lucid to your health! (I'm letting the rest of my NO age a year or so. We'll see if I can hold out that long!)
  4. Minnalouche

    Nice ebay find

    Same thing happened to me. Except for me it was cat figurines among other things. Even though I live in a town known for its antique stores, I'm getting a lot of blank stares when I ask about absinthe glasses. One woman even asked me, "Do you mean reading glasses?"
  5. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Yeah, my Jade NO was a real nightmare to uncork. But the drink itself is certainly worth the trouble. Good thing we absinthe drinkers have a little more patience than most other drinkers!
  6. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Great minds think alike. I celebrated with a Ridge Verte, followed by a Ridge Blanche, followed by another Ridge Verte... Enjoyed the opportunity of sharing this great stuff with a few of the unintiated.
  7. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    That's one of the things I love about absainthe!
  8. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    :heart: Meowza! :heart:
  9. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    A glass of St. George with my lunch of mac 'n' cheese 'n' truffles at Haven Gastropub. A glass of Lucid this evening in honor of Ted Breaux.
  10. Minnalouche

    Absinthe Root Beer Float?!

    Wow! We drove past this place several months ago on our way to a Steampunk exhibit at the Muzeo. It was not yet open at that time. I have no experience with root beer and absinthe. Might be fun to try it. Could be just the thing to take the edge off in this heat. Dying to go back to NW Montana...
  11. Minnalouche

    Electronic Cigarettes

    I have friends who are smokers that recently discovered e-cigarettes. They've gone digital, and all but given up analog. They have purchased many flavors, including absinthe, to refill their e-cigarette cartridges. I have never smoked a cigarette, nor had the desire to try one, but I couldn't resist giving the absinthe flavored e-cigarette a try. Rather enjoyable, but not really a substitute for the real thing. I still prefer to drink my absinthe! Second-hand vapor is certainly preferable to second-hand smoke!
  12. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Celebrating the arrival of a lovely little vintage absinthe glass from a most generous manitee with #30* 10-12-08 71% that I brought home from GAAF, followed by Ridge Blanche, and finishing with Ridge Verte. Oh yes, I am very happy, and most grateful! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Minnalouche

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Lucid after brunch, Herbsaint after lunch, and Vieux Pontarlier x 2 after dinner.