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  1. What a great topic, I want to try them all!! I am hoping to greatly expand our bitters section in store. There just aren't enough resources around for them in these parts.
  2. Brian, I am curious to read your review on it.. A co-worker and I split a bottle. I also am looking forward to giving it a go when I can smell and taste again.. gotta love the cold and flu season!!!
  3. I would love to see this stuff in Oregon!
  4. Ha, I never noticed that.. it's a vendor provided sign.. Go figure it would be wrong. Oregon doesn't have a listing for Leopold's, I was thinking about trying to see if I can get a case brought in. I see it brought up alot on here.
  5. I've been trying to get rid of Grande for awhile.. I'm finally down to my last two "kits" and I won't be reordering it. I know the Ordinaire isn't such a great product, but alas I have a couple of bars that use it for wash in some of their cocktails. I would love to carry more top shelf brands, but I am somewhat limited by what's currently listed in the state. Although, they have been more open to bring in new listings lately. Part of my reason for joining this forum is to really learn up on what the best brands would be to attempt to bring in. I do have a handy WS flyer up in my absinthe section in hopes of using it as a teaching tool, sometimes educating the unwilling consumer can be a challenge however!
  6. We are on south Commercial.. its pretty easy to find. Our address is 5107 Commercial st SE. If you plan to come by let me know, I'll give you the dime tour!
  7. Thanks for making such a great product! When can we get you down for an in store tasting??
  8. Well I shall keep my eyes on the monthly listings!
  9. When can I expect to see your product listed in Oregon?? I'd love to add it to my assortment!
  10. I actually brought in all the bottles of Nouvelle I could after browsing this forum a few months ago and seeing a fair amount of praise for it.. the owner of the store wasn't super thrilled to see six bottles of(his words) "unknown $110 absinthe". But I assured him I had read good things about it and wouldn't ya know it, we are down to only two bottles.
  11. Hopefully this is ok to post here.. but this is my stock in store.. I believe I carry most all the brands available in state.. Starts low end and.. ... works its way up! I have a few bottles of Pastis and Anise liqueur.. Some items Made in Oregon and finally I believe I have the last two bottles of this left in the state.. Sooo... what do you think? How's pricing compared to your neck of the woods? Any fellow Oregonians see anything I am missing that I must have?? Oh and please excuse the cell phone quality pix.
  12. That is a beautiful flyer. It is definitely going up near my absinthe and going to be made available for any customer that wants it. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. This looks like a great community!
  13. I've carried this at the store for awhile. I picked up a bottle for my sis last xmas, PM if you're still looking for this.
  14. I hear you on that Joe, I can't tell you how many times a week, or day even I hear how happy they are to be talking to someone with some knowledge for the product. To me, I just can't imagine selling something I know nothing about. Call it 10yrs in retail selling electronics or maybe I'm just the curious type that wants to soak in as much info as possible.. but I love learning and passing on info, it makes for such a better experience all around!