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  1. I need to make a detour to visit them one day while visiting Longwood. (I live on the East Coast.) The only place I've found absinthe so far is at ABC Liquors where I picked up some Lucid, and a small liquor store in a strip mall that carried Absente. Maredudd
  2. You might like to put the Ridge Blanche on your list, it is very nice. I think I'll do that for the next order, as well as a bottle of Duplais, or if Marteau is out by then maybe I'll get it. Jade is a bit more expensive so I think that will be my next order after that. :-) In the mean time, the order for Ridge and Pacifique is in and I've checked DringUpNY several times and it STILL HASN'T SHIPPED!! Ok, so I ordered it at 8:30 this morning and they say it can take up to 5 days for them to ship, BUT I WANT IT NOW!! :-) That ok. I'll just be drinking Lucid for a few more days . . . :-)
  3. A glass of Lucid tonight. Tomorrow I'll be ordering a bottle of Pacifique and Ridge, both Vert.
  4. I currently live in Titusville Florida, approximatelt 10 miles due West of Pads 39A & B. Seven and a half months ago I lived in Mims Florida, about 12 miles north of my current home and approximately 16 miles North-West of Pads 39A & B.
  5. Hi Folks! Being new to the forum, and still making my way through the virtual reams of posts, I finally have the scoop on why I can't find any Marteau! (DUNY has it listed "Out of stock. There is no ETA at this time.") Can I assume that there will be great cheers throughout the WS forums when the next release is made? On the otherhand I have bookmarked Gnostalgic Spirits website and will be hitting it regularly as well. M
  6. Hi Folks! Lucid, cuz its what I got. Soon I'll be ordering a couple of bottles of other brands but until then . . . I got two friends over, one of which had never had Absinthe so I fixed her one. It's not for her apparently . . . Thats fine, I'll have two tonight!
  7. One. *SMASH!* What light bulb? . . . Three: one to light the torch and one to confuse the issue. My other answer was "All of them. Why should only one hordesman have all the fun lighting the town on fire!"
  8. I know where to find the reviews, having looked through them before picking up the Lucid, as well as all of the review threads here on the forum, but where can I find the list of approved vendors? E
  9. Greetings Folks! I've been contemplating trying absinthe for some time but believing, as many people do to this day, that it is illegal in the US, I never pursued it. On top of that, I am primarily a beer drinker and drink hard liquor very rarely. That being said, I am fascinated by all things old and though I have done medieval recreation for over twenty years, I have recently caught the Steampunk bug and have therefore started researching all thing Victorian/Late 19th-Early 20th century. And that is how I come back to my interest in absinthe . . . :-) This time around I started thinking about making some of my own, as I am a home-brewer and maker of liqueurs, but when I discovered that absinthe is, in its purest form, a distilled liquor, that shot that thought in the foot, or head! :-) I looked at a few of the local liquor stores and found that the local ABC carried several brands. (Lucid, Absente, Grand Absente and Pernod) This of course posited the question . . . Which do I buy? That is what brought me to this site where I found the reviews invaluable! I have since purchased a bottle of Lucid and my wife, a friend, and myself tried some this past weekend. Initially I prepared it with no sugar and a 1-4 mixture of absinthe to water. It developed the louch described by many and smelled wonderful. My wife liked the flavor but wanted to add sugar so we ended up adding the sugar to her glass. Our friend did not like the absinthe, even after the sugar was added. For my part, I enjoyed it immensely. My wife was surprised that I was interested at all because, as she says it, "You hate licorice!". In point of fact, I do not like licorice, the candy, not because of the taste, but because its rubber, or feels like it when you eat it. At this point I am committed to picking up several other brands, especially as the reviews here state, nearly universally, that Lucid is an ok beginning absinthe, but that there a many that are far better. I'm also planning on holding an absinthe tasting party with a few of my more adventurous friends! :-) Eric Smith