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  1. I feel like a kid in a candy shop!!! I got the shipment from Catskills Cellars today and have already tried the REd'AB! (Sorry Joe! Had to! ) I see what is meant in the review that the louche is thin, but it has a great flavor! (My wife took it away from me and added sugar to it and is even now sipping it while she work on my Steampunk outfit . . .) Next I'll try Delaware Phoenix's Meadow of Love and then Walton Waters! I think I'll save the La Clandestine until tomorrow night though . . . I think by the time I'm done tonight my taste buds will be in shock!
  2. Maredudd

    Absinthe coffee

    Or, I could some real absinthe to my coffee! I think the blanche works a little better than the verte. Hmmm, I may have to try that . . . and I have some blanche on the way!
  3. This thread speaks to the issue as of October, sort of. I to am waiting, but in the mean time, I'm trying a few other makers . . . :-)
  4. Hi Folks! I am making progress on my plans for the absinthe tasting parlor this coming weekend. Today I picked up my fountain.
  5. As I've posted before in this thread I started out with Lucid, because it's the only thing available locally that had a decent review here. Or rather that the review said it was ok. I then ordered Pacifique Verte and Ridge Verte from DringUpNY and liked both of them. My wife actually likes the Ridge best so far, but the other two are also nice. This morning I ordered four new bottles from Catskill Cellars with some little hope that the bottles get here before New Years, thianks to the wonderful folks at Caskills Cellars! So I will soon add La Clandestine, Ridge Blanch, Walton Waters and Meadow of Love to my collection. Looking forward to it!
  6. DOH! I should have thought of that! Lets see if this works! Proposed Absinthe Tasting Glasses I used a vintage shot glass to measure the Ridge Extrait d’ Absinthe Verte. (I don't have a Pontarlier glass yet.) I mixed it approximately 4-to-1 without sugar, not that it really matters, and then measured 1 oz, using the shot glass again, into each of the three tasting glasses.
  7. Is there a way to upload an image directly to the forum? I took a picture of three of the small glasses I'm considering for use during the party and want to post it here, especially as I said I would! :-)
  8. Forewarned is for-armed! :-) I have run across a few folks who asked the same question, and at least one who thought it tasted terrible . . . :-) Thanks again! To everyone!
  9. Alan and Crow! Good thought. I'll look into that and see about adding it to the program!
  10. Hi Scott! I have so far talked about using a small carafe but I have also been considering using an actual absinthe glass. I don't currently have any so it is something will need to pick up. I have found them fairly inexpensively on a few sites and will likely order a few in the next week. For those that like what they taste, I will most certainly encourage them to prepare their own! :-) And that is never a bad thing! :-)
  11. Hi Fingerpickinblue! Thanks for your input! Something like that is what I am leaning towards. I'll post some pics later. I think my wife might want to help but I'm not certain that would actually help. She's ADHD and would end up talking more everyone else than helping in the preparation. Fortunately, I can multitask faily well and have some experience in answering questions while performing the tasks required to prepare the absinthe. I also plan on restricting the tasters to no more than four seated at a time, so that will limit how many folks can ask questions. I will have someone on duty to keep the looky-loos from popping in to 'get a drink'. Yep! Planned on it! I will have a carafe for each type being tasted and will prepare a new batch for each group. I actually like this approach! I'll bring a report back after the affair! :-)
  12. Thanks for mentioning it! I'll find someone to tag for pictures! That way I can focus on the tasting! :-)
  13. Hi Joe! I think my next party will follow that model as it will certainly be in my home with a lot fewer folks in attendance. The theme there will certainly be that of a relaxing evening with friends, none of which have ever had absinthe! :-) This first one, and it may yet not happen, i will be taking place, for all intents and purposes, in the middle of a wild New Years party! Being Steampunk themed, there will certainly be folks there who will desire to portray the very model of the Victorian Gentleman or Woman, but then they may all be airship mechanics on leave for the holiday! :-)
  14. This is why I like the mini brandy sniffers. They provide a wider opening than the other glasses I've looked at so far, and have the added advantage that the belly of the glass is wider even then the opening allowing more surface area for the aroma to escape.
  15. Hi Evan! Thank you, and everyone else, very much for taking the time to answer my post. I am taking it all in and will end up with what I know will be a much better experience for all of the folks who stop by the parlor! :-) I am planning on adding at least that one, even if it is the only other one. That way I have a non-verte. My wife wants me to find one of the red absinthes . . . Good point. I was already planning on taking a stack of copies of the absinthe flyer available on this site. I will likely also re-familiarize myself with the FAQ, as it will likel contain many of the questions I expect I'll get. That is my plan. I will have a carafe for each absinthe I will be serving and will produce one 'glass' for each group of tasters. That glass will then be shared between those seated by pouring something less than an ounce of each absinthe for each taster, going through them one at a time. I'll post some pics of the ones I'm thinking of. My wife favors a tulip shaped glass (3oz) and I prefer a mini brandy sniffer (3oz). I'm still looking though . . . This is something I hadn't really thought of yet. I'll cogitate over it! That might be a problem. I know the space I will be allowed and, though its not real tight, it is a little restrictive in walking space. I might try to bring in a short table, a la coffee table, and use it as the work surface, allowing those around the table to see, and freely talk to each other. Yeah. I'll provide something, even if it is a pre-printed pamphlet with each absinth listed and space to write notes.
  16. Hi Miguel! I had been thinking about using cheese as I have seen it used for wine tasting parties, but I take your point. As for the sugar, I keep flipping back and forth. I don't take my absinthe sweetened myself.
  17. Hi Baubel! If I end up picking up Jade it will be more for me as opposed for the tasting party, though I would likely also include it as well in the party. I'm doing a bit of tasting on my own and as I have yet to meet anyone else near me that is a fan of absinthe my only chance to try other producer's stock is to buy it myself . . . :-) All of the glasses I picked up to experiment with are clear glasses. I'll try to take some pics and post them.
  18. Greetings Folks! It looks like I will be hosting an Absinthe Tasting Parlor at an upcoming gathering so I have been contemplating how best to implement it and would like everyone's thoughts. I currently have three brands available and plan on picking up at least one more, and maybe two beyond that. I am planning on sitting four folks at a time in an area set aside and separated by curtains to keep out the general revelry going on around us. You see, this will be taking place over New Years weekend at an SCA event where the Steampunks of the group have been given permission to commandeer the hall and throw a Steampunk Ball. Once the tasters are seated I will begin. My general process will be to mix a glass, using a small carafe, of each brand available, with a 4 to 1 ration of water to ansinthe and including sugar, demonstrating the louch and the olfactory presence of each brand. I will then, one brand at a time, pour no more than an ounce into a small glass, one each per taster, and will let them taste it. I will then repeat the mixing, pouring and tasting for each of the other brands available. Once all brands have been tasted I'll close that particular round and prepare for the next. Now for some specific question: 1) I currently have Lucid, Pacifique Verte and Ridge Verte. I want to get Jade NO, but that's rather expensive, but I'm also interested in Ridge Blanche. What others would you folks recommend? 2) When beginning, what kind of intro would you folks recommend? I have no problem trying to educate the tasters, as I suspect many of them will have no clue that absinthe is even legal for consumption, but what do you folks feel would be appropriate? 3) How does the actual tasting part sound? Does it flow well, especially considering that I am breaking up the initial mixing to demonstrate the louch and the actual tasting? How would you change it if you were doing it? How would you like it to run if you were one of the tasters? 4) What kind of glasses should I use for the tasting? I picked up a few small glasses today to try out. One is a tulip shaped tumbler, one is a small pilsner glass, and the third is a small brandy sniffer. All of them hold three ounces or less. 5) I have also picked up a small carafe, that holds 8oz, to mix the absinthe in though I'm thinking I might need to pick up a number of Ponterlier glasses so that the experience is as close to ideal as I can. What do you guys think? 6) How would you recommend I close each round? 7) I'm also thinking about having something available to write some of their thoughts for each absinthe tasted. Good idea? Bad? I am currently looking at an apothecary jar, that I found at World Market, as a ice-water dispenser. its cheap and looks good, though I may need to swap out the spigot for a beefier one. I look forward to your comments and thoughts!
  19. Now my answer is "I read it on occasion on my iPhone." . . . :-)
  20. I'm getting ready to respond to the poll but their are two questions missing . . . Would you use a mobile device to read the WS Review section if is that capability were provided? Would you use a mobile device to read the WS Discusion section if is that capability were provided? My answer to both of these questions would be yes. Maredudd
  21. Just in time! Now that the Ridge and Pacifique have arrived I've got an urge to do a tasting! Now, I can imagine how I would do it, it would be good to find out how others would do it! Maredudd
  22. Ok, guess what I'm drink'n second on Wednesday! :-)
  23. Lucid Wednesday the Ridge Verte and Pacifique Verte get here . . . in theory! Guess what I won't be drinking that night?
  24. WooHoo!! DrinkUpNY just dropped me a note that my stuff has shipped!! :-) I had actually just checked to see if I could cancel he order and put an order in at Catskills, but it had already progressed to beyond the point where I could edit it. Their on the ball! :-) If DUNY's note is correct and I actually do get a message from the carrier tonight, I'll see tonight when I can expect my package . . . :-) Then I can post that "I'm not drink'n Lucid tonight!" Not that Lucid isn't worth drinking . . . :-)