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  1. Yep. Thirteen books and going strong. The series was only loosely based upon the books but I liked it anyway. Book fourteen, Cold Days, is expected out in September or October I believe. I recommend them to anyone who sits still long enough! Sitting down?
  2. Hi Folks! I'm a big fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and have recently started through them again, cuz they are that good, starting with book 1, Storm Front. In the book Dresden is looking for an evil sorcerer , cuz that's what he does, that has been killing people all over town. As the story moves towards the final conflict, he walks into the evil sorcerer's house and finds a bunch of crates and boxes filled with an odd assortment of materials, including a collection of "ancient liquor bottles full of an almost luminescent green liquid". "Absinthe" he says. In examining the bottles closer, he "could almost taste the madness that swam latent in the liquid." Dresden concluded, after examining the contents of the other crates and boxes that, with the absinthe as the base, and the other ingredients at hand, the evil sorcerer must have been making the dangerous Third-Eye, the newest drug to sweep the streets, leaving its victims mad from visions of great and horrible darkness . . . Now, I like the Dresden Files books and have been reading them for much longer than I've been enjoying absinthe, and I plan on continuing to read them all the way through book 23 when I am certain Dresden will save the multi-verse, single-handed, with one hand tied behind his back, and a blindfold on, but when first I read this one, and second, third and more times, I completely missed the reference. I also plan to continue drinking absinthe . . . Maredudd
  3. I thought so at first but the account I read stated that Lanfray only had Absinthe in the morning of that fateful day.
  4. Hmmm, I guess I need to start posting more then as well . . .
  5. And of course I misspelled Kalamazoo! it must be the MoLx2!
  6. Hi Folks! My wife and I will be traveling to Kalamazoo MI in May and I was wondering what availability there is there for absinthe. Specifically, we will be at WMU for the International Medieval Congress and will, for the most part, be keeping close to the campus, but I was hoping there might be something near the University that we might try out. Thanks for any input in advance! Maredudd
  7. The picture is now gone, due very likely to an exchange between the event sponsor and a gentleman who voiced a polite, and to my sensibilities, very rational opinion on the sponsors assertion that his choices were fine examples of "real" absinthe. . .
  8. Cool. I like the Beatles, and the art went will with them!
  9. Ridge, of the green sort, and its almost time for me to order a new bottle!
  10. Though new to absinthe, I have quickly expanded my collection of bottles to seven different ones. I ordered a bottle of WW and MoL before Christmas and got it two days before New Years. I will keep bottles of both in stock from now on, as long as I can get them!
  11. How did the 50th post sneak up on me so quietly!
  12. Maredudd


    I picked up an apothecary jar at World Market for $39 and it works wonderfully! I can regulate the drip down really low so I don't really need a separate dripper. I do however want to replace the plastic spigot with a metal one but that should be no problem when I get around to it
  13. I wish I'd known about that before I did my event! As it was, I think the plain crackers did a good job though. And again, I wish I had thought of that. I may have to get some sambuca for the next one! M
  14. If your talking about the flyer that is available on the WS Home page I had intended to take copies of that as well but suffered from the same printer problem. I didn't think about that! I did mention both DrinkUpNY and Catskill Cellars but that would be idea info to place in the tweaked handout.
  15. Hi Folks! The Absinthe Tasting went well, though I did have a few hiccups along the way. My wife started on my outfit late and ended up working on it until around 6:00 pm which put us on site at 10:00 pm. I immediately pulled out my stuff and went to the hall where the Streampunk Ball was to occur. This picture shows Dr. H. G. Brasington's Parlour d'Absinthe before I added my stuff. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture after I had set my stuff out. I'm still holding out though for the possibility that someone else did and that I can get a copy of it. Despite running late, by 11:00pm the party was in full swing. I followed my original plan for the most part, sitting four people in each group. We talked a little about absinthe; its history, the hype, and some of what real absinthe is about. I did have a few people that had already done some research and new how much credence to lend the hype. The rest of the folks were more than willing to listen and walked away with a better understanding of what absinthe is. I had on hand two blanches and five vertes, one of which was Lucid. I let each group sample three absinthes, starting with a blanche, as was recommended in this thread, then we sampled a verte. We rounded out each round with Lucid, which, though I think its ok, is the least of the 7 absinthes I had with me that night. The first round went well with three of the customers walking away with the name of at least one absinthe to look for and plans to pick it up. This picture is of the first group. Here is a second picture of the first group. Does anyone want to take a shot at which absinthes you can see over the ladies shoulder? Unfortunately, while preparing the first sample for the second round, I got distracted during the measuring and mixed it a little strong, like 2:1. I figured that out when one of the customers commented that it tasted like grain alcohol with a hint of licorice. I tasted it and realized my mistake and remixed it. The rest of that round went smoothly. Here is a picture of the second group, with a few additional folks hanging around and absorbing the atmosphere. Throughout the night I only had one incident where someone walked up looking for free alcohol. I told the individual that he was welcome to have some but he would have to wait and then join the next group and partake of the tasting. He ended up hanging out until the official tasting was done and then I let him sample each of the seven absinthes on hand. In the end, I had a few folks that decided absinthe wasn't for them, but I also had more than a few folks walk away with a glass of absinthe in hand and the names of a couple of absinthes to look up. The wonderful lady that set up the "Parlour" for me, and by the way providing most of the steampunk decorations for the hall, was very pleased at how the Absinthe Tasting party went. All told, I think it was a smashing success. One final note, I had worked up a handout to, well, hand out, using a number of the articles found here on the WS site, including a review of each of the absinthes I had on hand. I sought out and received permission from the original authors to include the articles and reviews but in the end I had a problem with my printer and then didn't get the opportunity to stop by the print shop to get them printed, so I ended up winging it. I do plan on tweaking the handout and using it at future such parties. Maredudd
  16. Hi Folks! Well, it happened and went fairly well despite a few hiccups! I'll post pics as soon as I get them and will provide a brief summary of the proceedings tomorrow! :-)
  17. Not sure now of the Absinthe Tasting Party is going to happen. I got a two hour drive to get there and then the setup and my wife still isn't ready to go. It might still happen, but not the way I had hoped, and planned . . . :( Oh well, more absinthe for me! And I'll have another chance late in January and will have more control over my schedule as it will be taking place here at the house and will have fewer people.
  18. And if this indeed proves to be true than it will certainly be removed from Wikipedia.
  19. Go ahead . . . rub it in! Summer will come soon enough!
  20. This is the first I've tried it and I gotta say . . . Superb! Fresh! Clean! I think I'll leave that one home tomorrow when I head out to the Steampunk Ball where I'll be hosting an Absinthe Parlor! NO ONE gets my La Clandestine!
  21. This morning . . . Cup of coffee with a shot of Ridge Blanche and cream!