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  1. Hey all, its been a long time since I've been on here but I need some help. Absinthe has become very hard to get here in Ontario Canada. Besides Lucid there is nothing else. A few other brands have come and gone but sell out fast and very expensive. I've ordered online but customs put a end to that. Anyways my wife is going to Europe for a WW2 historical sites tour with high school kids. I told her to bring me back some premium absinthe. She's the type that doesn't like to go "out of her way" to get booze for me. My question is where are the best and most convenient places to buy. She lands in Berlin then goes to Amsterdam, then Bruges, Somme, Paris and finally departs out of London UK. Does the London international airport sell good absinthe? Thanks
  2. Hello all, I placed a order with absinthes.com on aug 18th for Jade Edouard, Roquette, and Absinthe Amer 72. The order got confiscated by Canadian Customs in early september. I had canadian post ship it back to Germany at my cost and the tracking says that it has been delivered on November 2nd. Ive e-mailed absinthes.com a number of times since with no response back. Ive done 4 orders total with them and 2 have been seized by customs. The last time it happened Andrew replied immediately and the problem was solved. It has been almost a week and I dont know if absinthes.com got their absinthe back or what? Please if any member here works, or is part of absinthes.com, help me out. Thanks.
  3. Hey fellow Ontarian! Where abouts are you from? I live just outside of Sarnia Ontario. Getting absinthe brands sold in the states can be tricky. You basically have to smuggle it over or pay big time duty because of the high alcohol percent. I was looking for some in Port Huron Michigan but was only able to find Lucid. I got it because it was 45$ instead of 64$ like here in Ontario. I declared it at the boarder like a good boy and had to pay another 40$ duty. Never again. I just order mine from Absinthes.com, theyre good people with a great selection! In fact im waiting on a order now. This time I ordered Jade Edouard, Roquette and Amer 72. Now I just hope the customs pricks dont confiscate it. I should know by Monday morning. Someday I hope to try some american brands. Ive read enough info on them, from the good folks here, that they must be delicious! Cheers!
  4. Greetings fellow Canadian! Getting into this wonderful and mysterious world of absinthe can be very tricky for newcomers, especially for us Ontarians. Our goverment here are a bunch of uptight old dudes who hate anything that is natural and fun for us hipsters. There is only one brand of absinthe sold here which is Lucid. Hills is garbo, taboo hasent come back around this way yet, Versinthe and Herbsaint are close but not real absinthe. I order mine from absinthes.com. Thier selection is awesome and customer service and satisfaction is second to none! For a beginner try sticking to absinthes from France or Switzerland and distillers such as Emile Pernot, Combier, Absintherie Bourbonnaise, DuVallon, Bugnon and Matter. The only advantage that Ive expierenced from drinking absinthe is that it tastes fricking awesome, smells incredible, very refreshing and the ritual is super cool. Unfortunately ive yet to "trip out" or gain special creative powers that enable me to write or paint masterpieces. Maybe someday Cheers!
  5. Welcome, I have a bottle of Authentique now and it is indeed very good. It can get very pricey and risky ordering from Europe, if you stick to the brands made from France and Switzerland you'll be fine. I'd play it safe and try the American brands first, I hear they're quite good.
  6. Here in Ontario its Lucid or nothing. I buy usually two bottles a month at 64$ each. I get my good stuff from absinthes.com which is usually every 3 months at 80-110$ a bottle. So for bang for buck and availability I guess Lucid is ok.
  7. Welcome! I recentently had my order confiscated by Canadian customs in early january. Its been a major pain in the arse! I had to mail a check to the canadian post to have them reship my order back to Europe. That was in feburary and they still havent shipped nothing. Everytime I call I get an answering machine and when I leave a message it never gets returned. I'll never give up though! My order was also PF 1901 as well as Duplais Blanche, and Nouvelle Vague.
  8. So I placed a order this morning from Premier Wines & Spirits in Halifax Nova Scotia for one bottle of La Clandestine and got a email back several hours later saying they dont sell to Ontario. Man I can't win! Ontario sucks the big one! Now I have to try to convince my wife to let me order from Absinthes.com again. Grrrrrrrrr
  9. About a week or so ago all the Taboo brand absinthe is sold out in Ontario. Ive heard that there might not be anymore till spring or later. Very sad indeed. All I have now is Lucid. I did however purchase some Angelique and Duplais verte from Absinthes.com. Awesome both of them but its hard not to drink them. You folks in the states got it pretty good.
  10. I love the taste of absinthe, escpecially good absinthe however i cant afford to buy and drink it everyday and I dont want to become a alcoholic. Im wondering if there is any kind of beverage without alcohol that taste like absinthe. Maybe a type of tea or something? Thanks
  11. No absinthe bought on our trip to Port Huron. However my wife did spend 300$ at WalMart and Target on useless crap. Maybe next time.
  12. I went to St. Clair Secondary and King George public school. I got some close friends that went to Northern. The wife and I are heading over to Port Huron tomorrow and I see that Michigan now sells Vieux Carre and Tenneyson absinthe. Im going to have a look at some of the liquor stores there but I dont have my hopes up. If I do spot the Vieux Carre i'll definatly be grabbing some of that if I can convince the wife first of coarse. The reviews on it sound yummy! As for the online orders my lovely wife tells me that those will be my christmas presents so I have to wait a little longer.
  13. Thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes, very cool site! I'm also born and raised in Sarnia. Ive lived in London and Goderich for a number of years but now I'm back. People from Sarnia eventually always come back. I havent travelled to Quebec since my grade 12 trip, we almost went to a Nordiques game! I dont have any plans on going there anytime soon unfortunately. It seems if I get the LCBO to order some of those brands you suggested it will take a long time to get here and cost twice as much, As for a New York boarder run, are you saying its going to cost me the price of the bottle x2. I dont plan on staying for 48+ hours. I'd like to get each of the Delaware Phoenix brands. The Taboo was tasty! Defiantly taste and smell the fruit alcohol. I'd rate the Lucid a 2.5/5 and the Taboo a 3/5 overall. Don't think its worth the trip though. My wife gave me the ok to order some absinthe online. I'm thinking about going with Absinthe Classics. Are they good for Canadiens? As for brands how about; 1. Sauvage 2. Roquette 3. Angelique I need three heavy duty flavoured ones to hold me over the cold canadian winter. As for the LCBO employees, very sad indeed. So much misconception surrounding poor absinthe. If they would put the bottles on display and some kind of advertising with them, they would definatly sell out quickly I think. More money for everyone right? cheers!
  14. I made the 2.5 hour drive to Windsor Ontario today with my two year old daughter to get the Taboo. I just couldnt stop thinking about it so I did it. I asked my daughter Wynter "big car ride" and she said "yea daddy, big car ride yea!" Thank god she likes big car rides So when i get to the LCBO the stock online said 12 bottles of Taboo and 17 bottles of Lucid. I was thinking this has got to be one big liquor store. I get there and can't find either of them anywhere. I ask the teller about the Taboo, she gives me a dirty look and says its in the back storage area. She yells at some older gentleman to go get it. When he retrieves it he wont let me look at it, just takes it to the till and rings it in. I asked why they dont display it and the lady tells me its for distributors or people who ask only. What? How is absinthe going to get heard in canada with crap like that? The kid behind me says "you guys sell absinthe now?" Anyways cant wait to try some tonight. Hope my wife doesnt find out i'm taking our daughter on booze runs. At least we were singing and having fun the way down and back. I still feel bad.