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  1. My stuff from LdF also arrives via USPS and gets to me in 4-5 days, so the postal service isn't at fault.
  2. The Green Villain isn't listed on the web site (under "Spirits") so I assume it's gone already. Anyone have an idea when more will be available and if it can be mail-ordered? btw, I like the dark color... Soixante-cinq is like that too
  3. I brought 3 bottles back from London last April with no trouble. They did open my bag to inspect (I found a note inside the bag when I got home) but I had always assumed it was to make sure the bottles weren't bombs. One of the bottles I brought back was an open one and another was a flask size... not sure if that mattered. Maybe if you open and drink a little of each before packing (reclose securely with lots of tape!) they'll let it slide. I know I would have FREAKED if I got home and found my treasures had been confiscated!
  4. You don't even have to go to that trouble, just buy one of those water bottles that have those pull-tops... whatever they're called... you know, the ones made for runners that you have to squeeze or suck on. Makes a perfect dripper when traveling. I use one at home too when I want a quickie and don't want to bother loading up the fountain.
  5. As I read it this is only a temporary measure and only for hard booze, nothing like Prohibition in the US. The reasons for it are totally different. The other option they have is to let the booze continue to be sold and more people get sick and die. I am not a fan of government regulation, but sometimes it's just the best option.
  6. Welcome! Do NOT try King of Spirits... it was a joke (I hope!). The reviews section is invaluable, and if you can't get anything good where you live, check out the recommended vendors to have the good stuff shipped.
  7. At first this news seemed incredible to me... and awful, but after reading a couple of articles I understand this to be a temporary measure to protect the public from illegally made booze that is making people sick and even killing some. Knowing that, it seems reasonable. And hopefully short-lived.
  8. Oops, sorry looks like I posted in the wrong thread. Sorry!
  9. Today I finished a novel by a young new writer, Brian Martinez, who up until now has been self published. I believe he just got a contract to have one of his books made into a film. Anyway, the book I was reading, A Chemical Fire, is a post-apocalyptic thing jam-packed with zombies and gore but done in a most unusual way and extremely well-written. I know that sounds unlikely but it's true. The last two chapters are titled, "Wormwood" and "Lucid." I assume the guy is an absinthe drinker, and I've sent him an email to ask. Last time I wrote to him he answered quite quickly, but that was before he got this movie deal. In case anyone is interested, his work is available on Amazon and Smashwords, free or cheap. I actually preferred the other book I read of his called The Mountain and the City, a serialized novel which I think is only available electronically in five parts. First part is free, the others are 99 cents. If you like this kind of stuff, I highly recommend him. The stories, though zombie-infused, are superbly written.