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  1. I can see how it appeals to you dingeling there :P New Evidence in Historical Cannibalism Debate
  2. It was meant as a joke, although, to some extent wars & "situations" actually are the exceptions. Now remember, I am not trying to prove you wrong as you are quite right, I am merly elaborating Image the two surviors scenario: You and person Y managed to save yourselves from a sinking ship thanks to the rubber raft. Now, one of you W I L L die eventually, you have no food and salt watter is not all that great for you. Would you eat your friend to live so that you may be rescued? Som have. War scenario: Your company/battalion/squad/whatever has been annihilated, you lack tools to hunt with little to nothing to around to hunt and you are totally exhausted and you are far behind in unkown enemy land. Around you, you have dead mates, not a pleasant "meal" but you might make it if you allow them to "aid" you. Has happened, as in soldiers eating enemies and dead friends to survive during different not all pleasant situations. There were a few documented cases of canibalism among the crusaders in (as in the region) Jerusalem where the "brave knights" ate muslims in the most cruel ways when cut of from the supply lines. I flunked a grade essay because including reference to this, when I could provide the source in a history/science magazine and Crusade documentary I got top grade. Unfortunately they were lost when we moved (nearly 10 years ago) so I can not cite them by name, so if you prefer to think of it as jibberish feel free to. During Alexander the great's "failed return" many soldiers ate one and the other I believe. There are most likley numerous failed military campaigns where soldiers ate the foes and friends to live even although I only have heard of a few. These are all exceptions speaking historically, created by a limited number of individuals (<---) during a limited timeline. You have to agree, it is not much of a ritual in these cases over the "eating", is it? More like, live or die.
  3. They have adapted our customs but it has not always been so EDIT: Not all sea food in any way did I refer to, as sushi by no means is something "new" nor seafood in general in, quite the contrary as you state. I meant specifically crayfish and the fact that we "suck" on them the way we do. Lobsters many thought we ate in the same manner. So it is more the WAY it is eaten considering they are "unpure".
  4. Strange by one standard, logic by the next. The Japanese look at the eurpeans with disgust thinking they eat lobster and crayfish, considering they are animals eating dead, making them not "pure". As you know, in some cultures these strange two feeted creatures known as "Homo Sapiens" were considered the feast of the day among their own kind. Today people sharing their perspective often end up in a 10 by 10 feet accomodation, hospitality of the goverment Survival of the fittest contra right & wrong. "Mom, I don't like aunt" "Silence younling, eat"
  5. Strangely, in China that is a perfectly valid question regarding cats. Though the "question" do give me the creeps
  6. One would think so, but it is not really so. We use to "bathe" them in our sauna, and they are even more "cuddelish" in there, if possible. They have a special "word" they use nowadays when they want to take a bath in the sauna, everyone use to laugh so when they see and hear them. At night the can sleep in their "baskets" with each other, there are plenty of places for them to sleep at more "fit" for them. But they go cuddle with us at night. Not to make any of us jealus, they move around during the night and divide the time they stay at us evenly. Unless they are mad at one of us, which they get when you are away from home a day or more, then they will not sleep with you for about the same period of time. People who have never seen them use to go: "MONSTER!" "Sorta cute..." "I'd love one!" . As Will Bill's wife I also am allergic, but as long as I give them a bath at least once a week I have no problem with these little angels, but not everyone is as lucky. I think it is hard for anyone not allergic to understand what it means to be able to have a Sphynx in ones life, although wonderfull for anyone Below are two links, one showing Nonillion's deep green eyes and the other a little "cuddelish". Nonillion Yin & Yang I think I have gone far away from the topic now and will control myself.
  7. This "might" be a little out of topic, hopefully you will eventually forgive me Picture of one of my two girls and her siblings, as tiny tiny winy wrinkle packages! Eyes are not really blue, they are born with blue and later change into their "real" color. Unlike many other breeds the babies often are born with eyes open Nonillion's (far left, name meaning 10^30 as the odds for her becoming so perfect, lovely and beautiful as she did) being the deepest green you can possibly imagen. There is nothing like a Sphynx, they love being held and are always at your side, always speaking and communcating in their own special way, and they love to cuddle! They can't get enough of it :P
  8. Thank you Eric I know what you refer to Hiram. I am a Sphynx breeder and the same thing has sadly happened in our community. Greedy "beings" starting breeding farms with no thought whatsoever on the consequences of their actions :( My introduction to Absinth was sadly from one of the companies you refer to. My brother brought home a bottle of what best can be refered to as coloured mouthwash for alcoholics back from Tallin, louche being something it would never experience. I refused to believe that which he brought home was to be Absinth, which had created such a name for it in history and it awoke my interest. Reviewing my post I see it would have been better formulating clearly the reason to my curiosity.
  9. I wont, moderated forums are always greatly appreciated and should be focused on topic. I have no intention of competing with you. The reason being although they are all beautiful in their way with their history, few I have fallen for. I have a few designs I would be interessed to talk and discuss with the producer. I see I have stepped on a toe and it was not my intention. It was merly meant as a humble question, I realize and understand your position and will take no offense if the thread is removed or locked. I understand if you wish not to share. But if you would consider, you can pm me or email me at theo@piiqa.com . If not, I appreciate your kind welcoming and contribution of fact to everyone.
  10. Saucier, thank you for a great reference, I have however with great interest viewed the Virtual Absinthe Museum and had I not known about it I would have found great joy in discovering it. I am trying to find which companies it is that produce the new accessories being sold today and the museum aided me little but giving me beautiful design examples and links to resellers. To answer your question (EDIT: delted?) in a deep metaphysical way as requested, I will quote René Descartes', who long thought about this issue: "cogito, ergo sum". Meaning as you undoubtably know, "I think, therefore I am". Somehow although I feel like this is not entierly in line with the topic at hand. EDIT: Thank you Hiram Which one source would this be? TheGreenOne, with "Real brand" I mean the producer, not reseller or distributor. Jack B, noted it is allready minted in this community. I'll swich it.
  11. Until recently I thought Absinth/e to be something it is not, from what I had seen and heard I believed it to be an worldwide outlawed hallucination drug like drink. I have read up on the subject with great interest and realized how mistaken I was. I would like to commend the absinthe community for the great information gathered from all points of view and angels, along with the scientific facts made available. I would also like to direct a special thanks to all the reviewers which have eased the introduction and understanding for absinthe for me and undoubtedly numerous others before and after me. My question being as follows: I have found an overwhelming amount of sites selling accessories such as spoons and glasses. But to my big surprise, nearly all sell nearly the same items with very few exceptions. Although a great number of different ones available, they all seems to come from the same source. Failing to find out which company stands behind any given Absinthe brand is mighty hard as they literally can't be missed, but finding out which companies are behind a given accessory have proven more difficult. IE: LDF sells the Jade lineup from Jade Liqueurs, and Absinthe Distribution among many others sells accessories, but who makes them? Which real brands exist in this area? (EDIT: Clarification, with real brands I mean producers, not resellers or distributors.)