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  1. $110.99 a bottle. Not sure if that's a decent/terrible/great price, but I just thought I'd give everyone not on their mailing list a heads up. http://www.drinkupny.com/Jade_Liqueurs_1901_Absinthe_Superieure_p/s0232.htm They also have Artemisia-Bugnon Distillery "Butterfly" on pre-sale at $84.99 a bottle. http://www.drinkupny.com/Butterfly_Classic_Absinthe_p/s0786.htm
  2. Stopped by La Fee Verte yesterday and I agree with all the positive things said already. Lovely place, great selection of high quality absinthes, and some fantastic food, to boot. I think it's safe to say it now occupies a place on my list of places I must visit whenever I'm in Paris.
  3. I ended up getting Jade Edouard and it was fantastic. I was so excited to see Jade I didn't think about the fact that I could probably find it cheaper back in the States. Alas, it was a good experience and I will be back soon for some of the European lines. They definitely had a good selection, but there were also tables of fratboys doing shots of absinthe, the poor guy next to me at the bar had done something through a straw they claimed was 190 proof, and the people further down had flaming sugar cubes. But my absinthe was prepared perfectly with a fountain and no one tried to peddle me any of the aforementioned horrors once I said "Jade," so that was nice.
  4. Alright, headed there tonight. I'll let you know what I try.
  5. I imagine the double(ish) alcohol would change a lot. Shame they watered it down so much.
  6. I think I've watched enough Mad Men to know what the message of the video is: If you drink absinthe this way you'll wear funny hats and lick trees.
  7. Very helpful, thanks! I got an app that was similar in concept awhile back, but I've realized over the years that the quality of many of the drinks listed are just poor. This is a much better alternative that doesn't require sifting through 1200 variations of jell-o shots to find the recipe for a Vesper. The Mabel Tea Cocktail and Brut look quite appealing. Either of you have a favorite use of the stuff?
  8. I'm living in Brussels for the summer and on my visit to the local delhaize (Food Lion) I realized they had a big stash of this in the wine section. I've never purchased any but I know it's not sold in the US so I figured I'd bring some home. Any thoughts on what I should do with it aside from the obvious Brooklyn cocktail?
  9. Okay, that definitely helps! Thanks
  10. That sounds about right. And if you're less talented/lazy/making drinks en masse, like myself, you can use an atomizer or mister for the same effect. But I do love tossing the glass in the air to coat it; at least when no one is looking in case I mess up
  11. In your vast experience, has the use of a higher or lower quality spirit had much affect on the overall product? I've had the "never use cheap ingredients" mantra ingrained into my head by the likes of Jamie Boudreau but I'm not sure how applicable that is here. Most of the literature I've read on the issue has been silent in that regard. Also, my next batch of bitter experimentation will involve attempts to create bitters that mirror some of my favorite spice blends (Garam Masala and the Melting Pot's house seasoning w/ red wine lees). Do you have any advice? Finally, have you experimented with macerating flavor profiles individually and then mixing them for the final project? All my experimentation has been done in a method similar to yours and its worked out relatively well. However, there's a school of thought (the aforementioned Canadian, in particular) that feels with the different flavor intensities of different ingredients, they will absorb at different speeds and thus should macerate separately to keep each flavor from being drowned out. It makes sense on paper, but do you have any thoughts or empirical evidence going the other way? Sorry for all the questions, I just get really excited about bitters, haha
  12. About to head to Floris in the next few days. Anything in particular I should try?
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, advice, and love for the blog! Those recipes you mentioned are what got me here in the first place, actually. A brilliant collection from some amazing books! From what I've heard, Jade is the next step for me in my Absinthe career. I'll be sure to try Jade Nouvelle Orleans! I'm of the opinion that complexity is never wasted on a good cocktail so I'm sure I'll love what it does to a Sazerac. High ABV ingredients are also fantastic. Though my use of them has been mroe limited than I would like, everything I've put to use has not let me down (particularly Rittenhouse 100 Rye). Anyways, thanks again for the pleasant welcome!
  14. Athens, GA. I dabble in Atlanta and Nashville, though.
  15. The Total Wine in Kennesaw has Vieux Carre, in addition to those mentioned at the Alpharetta Store. Picked up a bottle in December and I saw it last time I was there about a month back, I believe.