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  1. Thanks, I've enjoyed your verte and am interested in seeing the difference with the blanche.
  2. Just received and popped the corks on Marteau and Ridge Blanche... haven't had either of these before. After reading so many wonderful things about them, I'm looking forward to trying them and comparing their different profiles.
  3. I'm the same way, enjoy having two different varieties during an evening. I like comparing the flavor profiles.
  4. Ridge blanche does exist yet in my cabinet... Vilya verte will join it's ancestor later this year.
  5. A few days ago, LdF sent a notice to US customers that upcoming changes in CAA regulations may prevent shipment of alcoholic beverages over 24% abv to the US as of January 13, 2013. LdF was looking for clarification but had not received any as of yesterday. Does anyone have any additional information? Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi all, This recipe was in last month's LdF newsletter. They prefer a blanche. What do you think? I have a closet full of vertes and just a little Clandestine. Would MOL or Ridge verte work well or do I need to spring for a blanche? Thanks Mark Cucumber-Mint Absinthe Cocktail (courtesy of KIN EATS) 1/4 cup cucumber, thinly sliced 4 mint leaves 1 lime wedge 2 ounces absinthe (a blanche works best) 4 ounces club soda ice Place cucumber, mint leave and lime wedge in a glass and muddle together. Set aside. Pour ice and absinthe into a martini shaker and shake for 30 seconds. Place a few ice cubes into the glass with the muddled items and add chilled absinthe. Drop in sugar cube and top up with soda. Gently stir and serve.
  7. Thanks fellows... I brought a bottle of Clandestine and MOL to a garden party last summer. I mentioned to a few college-aged fellows that I'm at a point in my life where I can spend a few $ on affordable luxury. They were very happy for me and themselves at that moment.
  8. Welcome, looking forward to checking out the podcasts.
  9. How is the Great Recession affecting US distillers? Does absinthe have such a distinct market niche that demand hasn't suffered greatly? Do you anticipate much higher sales when the economy rebounds? I was afraid that the economy might dry up the producers of the American brands I recently discovered.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome... looking forward to interacting with you folks.
  11. Greetings all, Hello from North Carolina. I've been observing the forum for over a year. Thanks for all the advice and reviews. I hd my first absinthe at The Old Absinthe House in NOLA two years ago. It was NO and the bartender lit the cube on fire (rest assured, I don't do that). Later, we heard Ellis Marsalis play at Snug Harbor. What a wonderful introduction to la fee verte. Since then, I've bought the following (I bought heavily during LdF's 40% sale last year): Eddy NO 1901 CLB MOL Ridge verte Dublais Balance Roquette MOL L'Italienne Brevans AO Spare (unopened so far) My favorite brand depends on weather, my temperament at the moment, and amount of liquid still left in the bottle. MOL and Ridge are my go-to brands to share with friends. Good to meet you all. Regarding my user name, I'm male but there's a bit of Norma Desmond in every boomer. Mark