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  1. How do I add a pic or I think what you call an avatar next to my user name. I have been trying to find instructions but without success.
  2. Of course that is the time I most enjoy drinking it. Thank you for your input. We will have to enjoy it a bit earlier for now on.
  3. I get it if I drink just before going to bed. Otherwise no problems,
  4. I have finally decided to post on my first forum. Not really big on social media, but am wanting to communicate with fellow absinthe and food geeks. I first fell in love with absinthe in 2006 with La Charlotte, granted not one of my favorites. I seem to remember it smelling like dirty socks. After that our friends from Switzerland brought us a bottle of Kübler 53 which was of course much better. I really got into the whole ritual of preperation, with the slow pouring of the water and watching the louche. Since then I have tried many various brands in which my favorites are butterfly and Nouvelle Orleans. I do have a question and was wondering if anyone has had experience with what absinthe does for gerd (acid reflux). Does it make it worse or help it, I am staying away from alcohol right now to try to calm it down.