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  1. Thanks for the welcome. But I think you do. I sense you to be mischievous. I've read some of your posts. We can't be serious all the time. Well, Carry on . . .
  2. Yes, the Kennedy's house is just off Harvard Street at #83 Beals Street.
  3. Thanks a bunch Joe! I'm beginning to feel at home. There's a different feel here, unlike other forums I've experienced. The adults here behave as grown-up adults! To all who've given their replies, thanks for your warm welcome and comments. I think I am going to like it here . . .
  4. Hmm, an interesting, good piece of information . . .
  5. Hello folks! I am in Brookline, Massachusetts, a town of about 58,00 that abuts the city of Boston. But really, I am formerly a Hawaiian islander who prefers the northeast, USA. Except for wine with my meals and dark, stout beer during the summer months, I've had very little experience with drinking strong spirits, primarily because I am careful with my health and well being. What got me interested in Absinthe was my recent indulgence in Martini & Rossi extra dry vermouth and red vermouth. I started drinking just the extra dry vermouth with my meals, then I started to mix one third red vermouth with two-thirds extra dry vermouth with a thin slice of lemon cut into fours. Suddenly, I noticed an interesting flavor of the bitters from the red vermouth. I began researching bitters and the leading brands like Angostura which led me to the Martini and the variations of it. I made myself a Martini, mixing two thirds Tanqueray gin and one third Noilly Pratt dry vermouth with a twist of lemon rind. Surprisingly, I found the taste of the arctic cold Martini to be delicious and exciting! The downside of drinking a Martini is that it has a great deal of alcohol, unlike drinking wine and beer. So I really have to exercise control and moderation. While looking for Ambre Noilly Pratt vermouth through several on-line vendors, I came across a bottle of Absinthe which suddenly intrigued me. Absinthe has such a mystique about it and from what information has been given out, whether true or false, has piqued my curiosity. I would like to be introduced to the best well-made Absinthe I can possibly acquire and experience what it is that has captured the interests of so many people to Absinthe before it was banned. Even now, as I write about my interest in Absinthe, there lurks in my core, fear and danger. And I know it has to do with what information and image has been created surrounding Absinthe. For example, there is a movie titled, Madame X, with Lana Turner. In her misery and loneliness, Lana Turner's character drank Absinthe. In the courtroom of her trial for murder, it was announced that she drank Absinthe, a drink that degenerated a person's digestive system. So here I am. I wish to experience and to know as much as I can about Absinthe.