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  1. Welcome Chris, I am a newcomer to this site, as well. I ended up going for the gold without stopping at Lucid or Kübler and bought "Meadow of Love" from Delaware Phoenix distillery here in upstate New York. Its made in small batches from locally grown herbs in a beautiful, sculptural copper still. It can be ordered from Catskill Cellars. If you get the chance t try it, go for it. It comes highly recommended by the experienced absintheurs you will soon be meeting here at WS.

  2. Okkkaaayyyy. Wow. I just wanted to spark a conversation and get some input from whoever wouldn't find this insulting and have tried these crap brands. Like I said, I'm no expert and I definitely didn't mean to offend anyone, but I wanted to get a discussion started on the topic of common brands available in liquor stores. Also, I thought that those who weren't offended wouldn't mind pointing out something like "I like Brand A but don't care for..." The reviews are great but, perhaps you're missing my point, people's tastes vary greatly so I could get a consensus in a conversational context with feedback rather than reading a review from member #9999 and then... Forget it. If anyone can possibly be greatly offended by this and infer that I'm trying to disrespect any of the writing that has been done here, well, sorry to say but you misunderstood my intentions. You can't hardly say anything without someone getting offended which is why I don't generally post on message boards.

    Lets all be nice, everyone was once where he is, were we not ?