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  1. Welcome Tracy !!! What an exciting concept !! An Absinte wedding !! I imagine you will be using shades of green, with maybe Artemisia looking florals in the bouquets. There are so many possibilities !! Keep us all posted on how the plans are coming along. Perhaps you could use music from the Absinthe era, as well. Congratulations and much happiness !!
  2. Welcome Chris, I am a newcomer to this site, as well. I ended up going for the gold without stopping at Lucid or Kübler and bought "Meadow of Love" from Delaware Phoenix distillery here in upstate New York. Its made in small batches from locally grown herbs in a beautiful, sculptural copper still. It can be ordered from Catskill Cellars. If you get the chance t try it, go for it. It comes highly recommended by the experienced absintheurs you will soon be meeting here at WS.
  3. I was very interested to read your introduction. Your feelings probably mirror those of many others. There is nothing to fear, you are among friends here. Enjoy the adventure and welcome.
  4. I'd love to try Snap and Rhuby !! Any sources outside of pa ?
  5. Butterfly, while I wait for Meadow of Love to arrive. Just like back in the '60s....
  6. Welcome to the group, I just arrived myself !
  7. Hi Cletus, I noticed we were both upstate NYorkers, so I followed your recommendation on Catskill Cellars. I'ts a 3.5 hour drive !!! So I won't be visiting in person, tho it does sound great.
  8. Thank so much for the warm welcome, I'm looking forward to the ride !
  9. Still waiting for my first real glass.
  10. So delighted to hear you did not pass on in Paris. I hoped you would return.
  11. Hello to all. I am here to learn. I look forward to "meeting" all of you. I am a newcomer to the world of the Green Fairy and am still finding my way. Looking forward to a new adventure.