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  1. The happiest of birthdays, Markus. :absomphe: :absomphe:
  2. Nice choices, ScotchDrnkr. Let us know what you think of them, including the FG...
  3. Good choice, Alcibiades. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Good question, Brooks. In the bottle I bought, the yellow tinge is very subtle indeed; not the daffodil yellow that the picture I posted earlier had suggested. I agree there's no rational behind the antipathy - yes, it's neither a verte nor a blanche in colouring, but as far as I can tell, it's rather pleasant on the pallette. Isn't that most, if not all, of what matters?
  5. I don't know anything about motorbikes, but that looks good enough to drink!
  6. This is a very nice little film, Auguru. It's certainly a triumph. More here for anyone interested. It has a very effective soundtrack too. Recommended to all HPL fans.
  7. Welcome Scotchdrnkr, from another single malt aficianado here. Good to have you on board.
  8. brnlvll


    Welcome to you Nick.
  9. Good to see you Conny - welcome!
  10. Wonderful post, Molly. I really enjoyed reading of your experiences there and I'm set on visiting when I'm next in Paris. I think a field trip (purely in the interests of scientific research, of course) is on the cards...