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  1. Brian, I completely understand, I figured there was a reason :P Plus I enjoy going to the distillers site and learning about what I'm about to purchase from the source
  2. Welcome Kyle, you found the right place for Absinthe info!
  3. The most interesting reading I did early on was regarding the battle to legalize Absinthe. It was a good history lesson, and introduced me to some of the major players in the industry, as well as what to look out for regarding quality in Absinthe. A close second is reading the various arguments that take place, namely between Czechsinthe and true Absinthe producers. An article summing up the major arguments from both sides and third parties would be a great way for new people to see how one side is motivated purely by marketing gimmicks and the other by quality and tradition. As far as choosing my first Absinthe purchase, the most helpful resource was the review guide here. I simply organized by rating and picked the first couple that I could find stocked at DUNY (tasty tasty Ridge and Pacifique). It would be great if you could link the vendors that carry each Absinthe on the actual review page, then its just a click away
  4. Sitting down to a glass or two of Myrcenary (tasty double IPA from Colorado), I should be drinking some Meadow of Love right now, but I was so excited to go to work today that I forgot to leave a note on my door instructing the FedEx guy who to leave my precious booze with, so its back on the truck :( Oh well, patience is a virtue and all that right
  5. Welcome to WS! I am fairly new as well and want to recommend both DUNY and Catskill Cellars as online absinthe vendors, both were fast and easy, not unlike my ex girlfriend... Good Luck!
  6. Greetings and Salutations George, welcome aboard!
  7. No worries Scott, its a good sign that they can't keep WW and MOL in stock right? Either way I have it on good authority that a new shipment is arriving any day now...
  8. Hello Paul! I tried to order a bottle of Meadow of Love on Saturday but they were out of stock, so your the one who got got my bottle :P Just kidding around I don't mind waiting a bit for Absinthe that tasty, you can't rush perfection Welcome to the wonderful world of Absinthe!
  9. I completely understand your point of view on Breaking Bad, despite being a great show it does make the underground world of meth production and distribution very alluring. However the actors, location, writing, and production are all top notch! In fact the end product is of a quality that is hard to find these days. (play on words intended :P) I don't use illegal substances, but I am not against others using them, I'm about personal freedom and choice. That being said its fun to get a glimpse into the underbelly of society every now and then. I ditched my TV a little over a year ago and never looked back when I realized the few shows I do enjoy, I can catch online for free... Why pay for cable tv when you have high-speed Breaking Bad shows the ugly side and the beautiful side of this city. From crack houses and shady characters to the breathtaking views of the mountains and historic architecture. Its hard to put into words, but the show captures the feel of this city perfectly. I have heard nothing but good things about In Plain Sight, but I have not had the time to check it out. Out of the movies you listed I have only seen No Country for Old Men, did not know parts of it were shot here. I might check out Lonely are the Brave and Track of the Moon Beast on netflix if I get the chance, they both look intriguing. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Mourningstar thanks for the recommendation, I have read some great reviews of Meadow, cant wait to crack a bottle open baubel, looking forward to tipping a glass with you sometime! BTW are you a fan of Breaking Bad at all? I like how it captures the true essence of Albuquerque and not some Hollywood directors vision of the city. Its also a hell of a good show! Joe and Jules, I don't know how you guys make Ridge taste so good, but keep it up! Your dedication to quality spirits is refreshing in an age of cheap mass produced swill. Going to louche up a glass of Pacifique and relax to some Coltrane, take it easy folks
  11. Hello, I have been lurking on this site for a few months now, and felt it was time to properly introduce myself, so here it goes. My name is Chris. I'm 31 years old, been a pharmacy technician for about 7 years now, working at a mail order pharmacy for the past 4. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (I see at least one other regular on this board, baubel, also resides in the Duke city whats up man!) Quick list of hobbies include: Disc Golf, No-Limit Texas Hold'em, Music, Books, Video Games, and Computers. I have always been a beer drinker, but only good beer, not that swill that most people drink. I know that makes me sound snobby but I don't care :P I generally prefer the bitter style of India Pale Ale's (Stone Ruination being the king) , but I enjoy any well crafted beer. My favorite liquor has always been high quality Tequila, (Penca Azul, Don Maguey, Corzo to name a few). Other than beer and tequila I am not much of a drinker, and when I do drink it is for the taste more than to get wasted. Then I found Absinthe Quick (or not) summary of my Absinthe journey so far: I first had a taste of the Green Fairy back in the late 90's at a friends apartment. He was on leave from the military (stationed in Spain) and had brought back several bottles of Absinthe, but apparently no real knowledge of how to drink it. No fire, no ice water, we just took several shots of it straight up... I remember it tasting very much like liquorice and burning. I had three shots and got a decent buzz, but nothing that special, so I forgot about Absinthe for many years. Then a few months ago at my weekly poker game a friend brought up Absinthe; he had seen it on the shelf in the local liquor store. I was intrigued and being the diligent nerd that I am did some research and found this site. Thus began my proper Absinthe journey! First bottle was Lucid, I know, not the best, but it was the only brand I had written down that the store had and it came with a spoon. :P I liked the taste, although in retrospect it was a bit one dimensional compared to the other brands I have tried since. After 2 glasses with sugar I discovered that I do not like any sugar in my Absinthe, as it seems to hide the taste a bit too much for me. After the Lucid, I ventured to the bigger liquor store near my house, but unfortunately the only other decent one they sold was Kübler. The Kübler was much better tasting than Lucid, more flavor, and dimension. It gave me a hint of the complexity that was awaiting me in high quality Absinthe. Armed with more research and reviews, I made the plunge and ordered 2 bottles from Drink Up New York: Ridge Verte, and Pacifique. Wow, my first glass of Ridge was stunning, the complexity of tastes balanced together perfectly... almost indescribably good, words do not do it justice... That fist taste of Ridge opened up my mind and palette to the wonderful world of quality Absinthe. The Pacifique is amazing as well, but different tasting than the Ridge. I am very impressed with both bottles. I appreciate this site as it proved a valuable resource in my crusade for truth. Now when friends or family ask what the hell I'm drinking I can correctly explain the history and properties of Absinthe, including the ever important "it does not make you trip", which is the first question everyone asks :P Absinthe does give me a different alcohol buzz than any other liquor/spirit/beer, but as I learned, that has nothing to do with the thujone content... Thanks to The Wormwood Society, I easily found proof that thujone has next to nothing to do with the Absinthe buzz. Various research papers on the subject, including the GC scans of Pre and Post-Ban Absinthe, and lengthy discussions helped further my knowledge. This kind of information is vital to counter the common myths that most people believe are true. Its hard to argue with science Whew, that was much longer than I intended hope some of you are still with me :P I am looking for recommendations on my next bottle or two, if anything comes to mind based on what you have read please let me know. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who had a hand in creating The Wormwood Society, you guys and gals did a hell of a good job! Chris