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  1. WOW!!! I love these man. Very Impressive. This is exactly the type of work that pushes me to be a better artist. Thanks for posting.
  2. That's a nice melody. Glad to see someone else contributing to the thread
  3. Hello to anybody still reading this thread. I would like to post some more pics, but for some reason I either can't remember how to do it through this blog or the forum set-up has changed. Anybody have any ideas? BTW baubel I finally acquired a bottle of VC. Damn good stuff! Very complex, a lot going on in that bottle!
  4. That is some freaky-deaky shit right there! In a good way It kinda remains me of the video game silent hill when your walkie talkie starts going nuts when enemies are around. I dig it.
  5. I like that I'm going to remember that!!!
  6. Here is another pic for all of you. My wife's cousin is a DJ and I was inspired to draw this because of his music. Trance really is not that bad. Did this while enjoying a glass of Obsello. Wonderful stuff that is!
  7. Very true. Life in general is a canvas, my experiences are the paint that fills that intial void.
  8. That's almost too bad. A gang of doppelgangers all outfitted on a differant instrument would be hillarious....possible drawing methinks...hmm
  9. Damn!! You should create some dopplegangers to help you out!
  10. Hmm. Methinks that's probably what Absomphe thinks about doing to me everytime I call him an old fart. Regarding VC, the spearmint is easily noticiable but not overwhelming. I think it compliments the wormwood quite beautifully, but if you really don't like spearmint, keep that in mind. Thanks I love spearmint, so I'm sure it will be great. I love the bottle it comes in. Very Classy!
  11. Well thats alright. To each their own. So are you vocals? Or do you play an instrument, or both? Inquiring minds need to know
  12. Sludge, black metal, death metal, and doom. Oh, and that's creepy shit right there. Alright! I love that kind of music. Ever listen to Otep?
  13. I got another one done tonight. This one is a little sadistic, but I couldn't work on anything else until I got this one down on paper. Also I have a question for all of you out there. I have been eye-balling a bottle of Vieux Carre Absinthe, should I go for it? It has gotten excellent reviews on here, so I probably will. Just curious if any of you have any additional insights on it. Thanks
  14. I most certaintly consider music to be art. What type of Genre do you play?
  15. Well tonight I did another peice while enjoying a couple glasses of Kübler. By the way this was my first try of absinthe in the blanche style. Fantastic louche and incredible finish with what I thought tasted of lemon-grass. Anyhow I hope you all enjoy it. P.S. Where are the other artists around here? Come out come out wherever you are!
  16. If you're expecting something to give you inspiration, it tends to fill that role simply because you expect it to. I never expected anything from absinthe other than to achieve a buzz However, I did get some influences from the experience in my work. After all what is art to the individual if not the sum of their experiences!
  17. I just recently commented on a forum post started by bigbrother that asks whether the green muse inspires you. In my case(and I'm sure many others) I feel that it does. I have included at attachment of a drawing that I did while enjoying a glass of Pernod 68. I do not claim it to be brilliant or even good for that matter. All I claim is that the absinthe DID inspire me to produce it. Any others out there with art they are willing to share?
  18. I don't know. I may be new to the absinthe culture, but I find that it is very influental to me while I work with my art and poetry. I even drew and colored(not my safe zone) a peice while enjoying a glass of the green one.
  19. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am looking forward to being a member of this site. I have only just recently found out about absinthe, and I must say it was love at first sip.Cheers!!