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  1. Well, it seems like you are doing pretty well yourself! I really find your presentation inspiring!
  2. Congrats on your collection! I am happy that I could share some tips from my own learning curve. Still learning and enjoying that there is so much to learn in the world of absinthe antiques!
  3. The marabou looks great! The hole in the beak is maybe even smaller than the mouth of the Fée Verte pitcher.
  4. Marc, I accept your offer to buy a sample, and I think everyone should have the chance to find out for themselves, whether the unlabelled bottles are real Pernod Fils. Antiquespirits.com is now selling 50 ml samples of the pre-ban Pernod Fils for 89 EUR including shipping. These are approximately 115 USD.
  5. Hi Marc Steph sold ca. 80 bottles to David and ca. 10 to you. Among the sold bottles were some Gempp Pernod, Fritz Duval, Edouard Pernod and other brands, including some rare Swiss bottles. As for the fake bottles, if they were faked by the two (you say in 2006 and 2011), I am wondering why you still did business in 2012 with them. As for the unlabelled Pernod Fils, you know exactly the unlabelled bottles are Pernod Fils, because in March 2012 you wanted to buy them and asked Stefania to take them off Ebay. I bought one of the bottles and 7 absintheurs have tasted it. I can assure you, everyone recognized the Pernod Fils taste. As for the accusation, that these people are owing Oxygenee a lot of money: I wonder how, since they were selling 90 bottles to you and not the other way around. Really, you guys have some unresolved issues. I think you are doing an excellent job in marketing absinthe and absinthe-culture. But in this case you might have the wrong information.
  6. Hi Marc. You should maybe tell us all, what your issues with Antiquespirits.com are. Do you have an issue with the quality of the prebans or the seller, who used to sell exclusively to Oxygenee for many years? Or du you have an issue with me, because I help her with the website and the communication? I don't make money out of her business. I am just helping her, because I think the world is big enough for different distributors. And I don't know, why Antiquespirits someday thought, they would like to sell on the free market instead to Oxygenee, but I do think that's their right to do so. So instead of implying that I or the seller, who owns Antiquespirits are dishonest, you should maybe tell us what the problems are. I for sure know, that I never wronged anyone. Those who got bottles that I helped to sell were happy about the quality and the price. What happened between you guys before, that's your issues. But please enlighten me, if you like to word your concerns about Antiquespirits. Sincerely, Michèle
  7. He has since teamed up with Peter Fuss and they make together blended absinthes, which won gold medals at the Absinthiades 2011 and 2012. So I guess he sleeps ok at night, haha.
  8. I've tasted one of the Pernod Fils 1913. When we opened the bottle there was this incredibly fresh and fragrant scent of wormwood and other herbs. I don't remember that I have ever smelled something as so aromatic before. And the first sip was just an epiphany. It totally changed my understanding of what a great absinthe should taste like. The distiller Bairnsfather had the same experience when he tasted a pre-ban at Mr Guy's (Distillery François Guy) house.
  9. Now that's a big fountaine in the second picture, right upper corner!!! Thanks for the photos and welcome to the forum!
  10. Yea, the Museum forum is a great place for collectors. My better half has been a member there for a while.
  11. Oh, just showing the sign doesn't help. You gotta knock it on my head!
  12. No, I just think it would suck if some people that are new to absinthe antiques would buy a fake topette for like $100.
  13. I noticed a few topettes on US Ebay. They all come from the same seller in Belgium. To me they just don't look right: The glass is colorless, the proportions are slightly off, and they don't represent types that are known to be original. I could be wrong (hell, I've been wrong more than once in my life) but I thought I would post it in the case some members here are thinking about bidding.
  14. Tonight we had Boston Butterfly and Sapphire. We also managed to take a decent picture before we emptied the glasses. :D