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  1. Try it again after a couple glasses of nice vertes, and see if it gets better. I admit their albums are a bit uneven, but in their best parts they can conjure peaceful, aural landscapes; the music, at times, evoking the meditative qualities of Boards of Canada. Regarding the (unofficial) vid I linked to, what I like most is the part when the train goes through that narrow tunnel starting at around 1:08... Don't know why, but there's something spooky about it. Right now Monday Paracetamol by Ulrich Schnauss is in my ears. (It takes a few minutes before this piece really gets going, but it builds up nicely.)
  2. Yet again the fine 1797, and a (too) basic blanche, La Valote Fornoni.
  3. Happy belated, Jen! I really admire your braveness with the shaved hamsters. Hope you're feeling okay today.
  4. That's what I said too. You'll yield. (And suffer.)
  5. Argh. I must say that Genepy liqueur sounds intriguing... (Perhaps that too would go well with chocolate?)
  6. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to get my copies of Musique D'Absinthe. Right now, finishing off another glass of 1797 and listening to . Soft, electronic, dreamy.
  7. Now that was cool and pretty innovative, Little G!
  8. Chocolate for breakfast? Not a bad start to the day! And I hear it's pretty healthy, too. Seriously speaking, have you tried for example a couple of buttered whole-grain toast, with some slices of cheese, and a glass of milk, and then topping it off with dark chocolate? Fantastic, and a real morning kick-start! back at you!
  9. Friday, ahh, yes... So far I've had a fine glass of Roquette 1797, followed by a very big glass of Doubs Mystique. And with that, some delicious pieces of dark chocolate, 85 % cocoa. Excellent. Must say this luxurious kind of relaxation is enhancing the film experience I'm having right now, watching... ehrm... the last episode of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Restless". So far one of my favourite episodes. (I blame my ex for this whole thing, she's responsible for luring me into the Buffyverse!) A most layered episode, and the dream sequences are so wonderfully bizarre. Got to love the Apocalypse Now reenactment, with principal Snyder as Colonel Kurtz.
  10. A fantastic TV report, Cheryl, great! Your distillery is just so cosy. I really miss messing around there with you; fond memories of distilling protos and having ice cream breaks... (The Penguin Custom Ice Cream, GOD what delicious ice cream they make, I miss that too!)
  11. It does, however to a lower extent than A. absinthium (some studies say 35-55 % of the amount of A. absinthium). I'm a bit puzzled too why Mark sees this as a problem (as said, none of the approved brands have had issues with it). After all, what is the essential oils yield of A. pontica? Around 0.3 % at best - for fresh herb; the drying results in a loss of volatile oils (from what I've read it's approximately 40 % lower than the yield from the fresh herb). And of this oil, only 1/5-1/4 is thujone. It's all about the amounts of herbs used and their contact time with the alcohol in the colouration process.
  12. I just can't believe myself... How on Earth could I miss this? Well, not being logged in for many weeks may be ONE explanation, but that feels like a bad one anyhow... Extremely belated Happy Birthday to you my friend!!!
  13. Well come, Adam! Alltid trevligt när fler svenskar hittar hit. Vi är en handfull, dock inte så aktiva just nu som det verkar...
  14. Water for me the last two days, since I'm on duty. But New Year's Eve was celebrated with some ridiculously old absinthe, and some weird drinks (like PF1901 mixed with Crémant de Bourgogne. That was certainly a waste of good PF1901, and of good Crémant!).