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  1. Alvin Lee Bluer Than Blue and The Veils Train With No Name paired with Sauvage 1804. Happy Creepy Eve mortals.
  2. Just picked up the complete series of Crime Story. Tonight? Disc one and Warre's Ruby Porto. The port is necessary to help dissipate the effects of the cold rain falling outside.
  3. Vilya Verte in avoidance of some paid political advert run by two private corporations.
  4. Tonight - Mister Authentique is calling. I'll wait until he rings twice to prove I'm my own man, then open the door. He will not be leaving. Well....technically....but never mind. That's another story for another day.
  5. Absinthe Du Centenaire. Spicy little bugger and very pleasant.
  6. Especially 'Sixteen Shells From a Thirty Ought Six', 'Town Without Cheer', Soldier's things'. Pure Waits storytelling.
  7. The notorious Sauvage 1804 followed by a bit of Terminus to help me want to believe in distillers again..
  8. Cajun - that looks creepily like something out of a nuclear cooling pool. Boy that sure beats my plain old Grenouille for style.
  9. An Absinthe Du Centenaire followed by....an Absinthe Du Centenaire.
  10. Another well-iced round of that evil Sauvage before dinner followed by a Duplais Blanche for dessert..