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  1. 03:58 - 04:43 --- Bottle and glass to the right 05:05 - 05:45 --- Bottle and glass to the right along with the coolest 10 seconds ever 07:45 - 08:13 --- No bottle and glass to the right 10:35 - 11:28 --- They're baaaa-aaaaack! Started off great and then got worse and worse with the saddest ending ever - I wanna effing kill myself. Two thumbs down. Maybe a drink'll cheer me up...
  2. I rented/dubbed off a VHS tape called "Weird Cartoons" back in the early 90's - this Emile Cohl animated short was on it. God bless the www and youtube - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89mile_Cohl
  3. bootleg multitracks --- The Making Of Led Zeppelin II sample --> Absente (plz don't ban me)
  4. Out of financial necessity I bought a hand tube machine and have been trying various brands of tobacco. A 6oz. bag of Gambler pipe tobacco (red label) has a good robust taste --- less the 6 or 7 dollar investment into the machine the tobacco and tubes figures up to about $10 a carton.
  5. not yet - but I just hit a couple of sites regarding and just might give it a go this weekend andnow wereofftopicagaindammittohellhowdoesthisalwayshappen
  6. mmmmmmmmm - i-uh-diiiiiiiine - urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. Leopold Bros now available in Lawrence, KS in two different sizes at Jensen's on 9th st. I believe it is batch #41
  8. Doesn't aa have a silverish tinge to it?
  9. After I've gained more experience of better/worse brands I'll probably revist this as a ha-ha moment in my journey down the road. Eventually I might even get to the point of buying the very brands that I've been currently avoiding (thanks to the posts on this forum and the WS review area). At this time I'm slowly discovering what there is to discover - $60 at a time. After this bottle is gone I'll purchase the Sirene. If there aren't any other "good" brands to be had locally then it'll be time to do that newfangled online ordering thingy.
  10. No pics. One of the liquor stores I frequent has a promo glassware section - anything and everything is 50 cents. So I scored a set of 2 Lucid glasses for a buck.
  11. MDL Liquors (88th & Antioch) has the best selection in the metro area with Absinthe Ordinaire, Absente, Lucid, Pernod, Mata Hari. The owner told me that she goes through 7 different distributors and carries all the brands that are legal in Kansas. Red X in Riverside stock is pretty much the same as above. Bubbles at 74th terr. & N Oak Trafficway stocks a few of the above plus La Muse Verte. Dons 5% on SW Blvd carries the usual suspects plus Sirene.
  12. Hey - this stuff was good! Nice darker-than-olive hue (unlike my recent Lucid - almost clear with a bare yellow tinge), louche started as oil swirls then roiled. Lucid's finish was a bit tastier and lasted a bit longer but I'm much preferring the taste of this to Lucid.
  13. Bump! It's been 2 years since the last post on this thread. I'm seeing nothing regarding this brand on the reviews area of the site. Perhaps the more literate among us could rectify the situation? I've found a bottle on a shelf for the same price as Lucid and am 50/50 decided. Perhaps the issues of 2 years ago have been resolved? Hell - I've talked myself into it!...
  14. Abs

    Hello All!

    My sense of smell and taste is not developed enough to separate the various odors/flavors. I measured a shot into a martini glass and dripped icewater from a paper cup over a sugar cube. It louched. At 3:1 the taste was a bit strong and the drink itself was too thick for my liking; 4:1 seemed much better. One of the reviewers called this "the beer drinkers absinthe" and I eventually partook of it as such - tossing 3 shots into a 32 oz Quiktrip cup full of ice and sugaring/adding water to taste and ended up finishing off the bottle that way over a period of several hours (please don't ban me). Intoxication was different - almost as if mixed with Mountain Dew (but without the jitters). Finish seemed to be a revolving door of various flavors that hung around for several hours after the last of the last was consumed. Hangover was minimal but the next day kept getting flashes of flavor from the previous night's consumption. All in all - not bad; would like to try more of a better quality. Will be looking forward to ordering a couple of bottles of the good stuff from drinkupny (any chance of Ridge products being sold there?)
  15. Abs

    Hello All!

    Wellllll... I was going to name myself something along the lines of Absinthium Astrum but, being the lazy bastard that I am, I went with 3 keystrokes as opposed to 17. Thanks to all for the welcome. Should I use this thread to post about my first experience or start another thread?
  16. I've been lurking here for awhile and gathering as much info as possible before purchasing and posting. I have yet to experience absinthe. Based on the reviews I will be purchasing a 375 ml bottle of Lucid and will give it a go tonight.