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    Alandia's products

    Cool site. When I win the lottery and do the Europe tour I'll be hitting the Sedlic Ossuary - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...nice_Sedlec.JPG
  2. Abs

    Alandia's products

    They got a cool set of glasses for sale though at 100 ml might be better suited for Jack Daniel's night. Same design but smaller capacity cheaper at Amazon. http://www.alandia.de/absinthe/product_inf...-Glass-Set.html
  3. Abs

    Absinthia Rubra, Tangerine base???

    Totally digging the picture of the senior citizen guy together with the tattooed hardbody that paints her fingernails and toenails black. I'll take 20 bottles please.
  4. Abs

    Absinthia Rubra, Tangerine base???

    Louchey --- Joe is correct - it was the ad copy syntax that I was criticizing, not your post. It appears to have been written by cleverbot dot com. (the ad, not your post). At least this product isn't claiming that "the effects experienced are that of a gustatory, revitalizing, and sexually enhancing aphrodisiac".
  5. Abs

    Absinthia Rubra, Tangerine base???

    "...Absinthia Rubra when mixed with water or simple syrup and the louche occurs stays red..." Had a bit too much to sample before posting?
  6. "...traditional Bohemian Absinthe..." Yay! - Does it come with matches? "...We also make a Coffee Absinthe and a Spicy Chocolate Absinthe..." Damn! - Why didn't I think of that first? "...The effects experienced are that of a gustatory, revitalizing, and sexually enhancing aphrodisiac..." Aw hell - I'm sold! Put me down for 20 bottles please.
  7. Abs

    New guy from Denver

    Welcome to WWS!
  8. Abs

    i'm going to support this site

    I keep flashing on Modern Family's Gloria.
  9. Abs

    Rolling your own...

    I'm doing this to save a bit of change - you're probably not --- http://www.peterstokkebye.com/cig_ps.htm --- these go for about $9.00 for a 35 gram bag at your local smoke shop. I've tried 3 or 4 - none of them are bad; all are superior to domestic filtered cigarettes.
  10. Abs

    Hello from PA

    laughing out loud at previous post Welcome to the Wormwood Society!
  11. Abs

    eBay Listing For Vintage Absinthe

    I'm just wondering if she'd be willing to swap an old crusty bottle of that brownish/yellow stuff with the crappy label for my brand spankin' new bottle of electric green.
  12. Abs

    Question on louche ratings

    I was going to say all of that exactly just like that but Mr. Stone beat me to it. All joking aside - that is one helluva post and needs to be stickied. Thanks.