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  1. Poor Monsieur The Judge, which one country has traumatized you with your yankee money ? But i didn't come here to speak with Mr The Judge, even if it is very interesting psychoanalysis discussion . I saw that some people are looking for my past makings of accessories, and that some europen wholesaler/retail are selling stuff like coming from "Frenchman Ltd" my old company. So for information, i stopped to make absinthe accessories since 2 years, i am clearing my remaining stocks. My past US partner is doing same. If you would like one of contact who made stuff for me, contact used at this present time by liars / fakers still using my name, please contact him directly : Royal Antiques Exports <royalant@gmail.com> I have no reason to give a job that I have developed over the years for free at few crooks. Now that my distillery and my shop is running, I begin to work on a new line of absinthe accessories.
  2. Thanks for your money my friend ! Thanks Boggy,it is his creation, I'm only the producer...
  3. I am myself, and I will judge the world as I see fit, that is who I am to judge. The quoted might be a paraphrase but that is how I and a few others felt about your statements. I don't feel like searching old threads to bring up what you specifically stated, so you'll just have to work with that paraphrase. You came across that way and I made a decision. I don't support people who are assholes, whether or not they believe they are noble in their cause. Another example would be my decision not to purchase VdT absinthe while their IGP was active. Or my decision to fire back at Pernod and La Fee for duping consumers with artificial coloring. They all have their excuses they tell to make themselves feel better, but in the end their actions speak for themselves and I'm not one to just sit by and say "ok". Maybe try using honey instead of vinegar if you wish for different results. If I wanted positive feelings from any of the above mentioned parties, I would not be using so much vinegar myself. So far my vinegar (along with other factors) has been effective for the change I wanted from each of them. You approached us with an attitude, did it have the effect that you desired? If so, why are you bothering to bring this up again? Ah, ok, you are The Judge, an other one. I hope you a large flock of sheep... You right, the world is waiting for your yankee money. You are The Judge with lot of Yankee Money, and people outside USA await your crumbs. I know that outside should be dirty and dangerous for you, but I wonder if you've traveled a bit outside the USA ? Even with a mask !
  4. Who are you to write "said he didn't need any yankee money." ? Yes, i confirm, i don't need money from USA or from other part of the world ! But i don't see why i could say that i don't need money coming specialy from USA ? About "He came by, insulted a few members" If i did, it should not be for free. My english is so bad, it is so long time for me to write in english, that i can't insulted someone in english easily. It is true that I am fighting against the doctrinaire installed in absinthe world.
  5. "Sauvage" : Wild in english. Perhaps it is now easier to buy wild Tall Absinthe inside french Alpes instead to buy bad crops. Production is small and Alpes large..... need only bend down to pick up ...
  6. This one is free of sugar !! But with Genepi and Sassafras included.... ABSINTHE VICHY SUPERIEURE 65% http://www.musedefrance.com/L7S.html
  7. I will not judge the product of a colleague, it's not my role. But I can say that this is not a product that feels the hack, everything indicates that it is a maceration followed by distillation, followed by a natural color with a small Absinthe first quality. This distiller focuses on quality! One note though: Why still the lily on the label for a recipe of 1855? A french flag or a French Imperial Eagle would be more appropriate! :-)
  8. I received one bottle of Pacific (and one bottle of Gin !) Thanks a lot ! I will send samples to the French peoples who want to taste a good American production !
  9. I will send you one bottle, and one bottle from your production would be welcome ! (Never tasted it, i never tasted one US absinthe made !) Deal! PM me your informations. Marc It seems you have curious way to deal with me ..... I sent you bottles, since long time. Nothing from you. And when i am asking news by back Messages, no answers ! I do not know you, I had not of a positive or negative idea on you.... What this means ??
  10. That sounds familiar. Yes, it is the second Fort Bayard in the world.... But i have no interest for this one. You can find Fort Boyard in France too, very popular !
  11. It isn't a collection, they are only items unsold because the drop in prices following the crisis, or items i bought recently for sale. I am not really collector, even if i like to keep some items few years. If i had to keep all stuff i had in my hands, i had to be very rich ! :-( The only 2 things that i keep are nice bistro tables and documents about FORT BAYARD (Kouang-Tchéou-Wan), a french colony in China. I can do exchanges !
  12. My first business was antique dealer, and i decided to come back on my first loves : http://www.musedefrance.com/ant.html
  13. If there are artists here, I'm interested for my labels...
  14. Yes, and they are poor in anise. The oldest written recipes Swiss, contain fennel, but they more poor in anise and fennel than recipes for second part of 19th century. I am always suspicious of handwritten recipes for dating. Except for the recipe "Eau de Mere", coming from an account book. Have a look on this french book from 1774. It is really surprising. http://books.google.fr/books?id=KLu0NnMtEW...%20&f=false (Link found by Swen on French Forum) Page 155, you will find an Absinthe recipe. Ingredients are : Tall or Small Absinthe (fresh or dried !) Cinnamon (Like inside Absinthe de Vichy !) Juniper Angelic (Common for modern recipes) Saffron Giroffle Mace (Like inside Absinthe de Vichy !) Green Anise It is wrote that you can have a yellow color during the distillation.... and i had this problem at beginning ! (more than 200 years later. I found only this book speaking about this problem !) Double distillation Sugar RED COLORATION !! :-) I read inside an other topic that some distillers made red Absinthe... so why not !