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  1. I know we have at least one absinthe club in the metroplex. It would be fun to have a texas group! I'm less than impressed with the pernod. mild licorice flavor, lots of alcohol flavor. It's not awful but not the best I've ever tasted either. Maybe being a smoker killed what ever else might have been there. I think I'll pickup a Pacifique Absinthe Verte Superieure and Delaware Phoenix Meadow of Love next. Thanks y'all.
  2. I just recently discovered this forum and did a little research. Although I've done a little homework, I made my first mistake today by being impatient and purchasing from the limited supply at my local liquor store. Actually, I can't say it was a mistake yet since I haven't tasted it. But the review of pernod superieure (!?with yellow #5!?) is less than stellar. I'm out $60 now. Hope it tides me over till I can order something better online. Anyway, Howdy Yall!