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  1. Genesee Oktoberfest. Invisible Familiars -- Act One Monika - Secret In The Dark
  2. PBR and a ton of hipster-esque music (making up for all the time we were off). Warning: some videos NSFW. Adult Video by Uni Animals by GOASTT Blood and Rockets by The Claypool Lennon Delirium Black Hanz by The Moonlandingz Cocaine by dAVID sTRANGE Tonight by The Correspondents Cocaine Man by Baxter Dury DDT by Uni Fate by Boy Harsher Inexplicable by The Correspondents Feet by Fat White Family Sports by Viagra Boys Hollywood by Jukebox the Ghost Sweet Saturn Mine (Sean Lennon De-Mix) by The Moonlandingz Holy Touch by Foxy Shazam Tastes Good With The Money by Fat White Family Lion Tattoo by dAVID sTRANGE The Rabies Are Back by The Moonlandingz Whats The Problem? by Uni
  3. Doctor's chapter was probably our favorite part of the film.
  4. The Chats - Smoko Phum Viphurit - Long Gone Starcrawler - I Love LA Church of the Cosmic Skull - Cold Sweat Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune GUNSHIP - Tech Noir
  5. Peterson University Flake and reading Satantango (finished the film last weekend, but I already like the book a bit better). Pessoa's Book of Disquiet is next on our list after that.
  6. Guinness Antwerpen und da hoodieheaded solemnsonged joys of Joyce! :heart: :heart:
  7. https://www.absinthes.com/en/ https://catskillcellars.com/products/absinthe/
  8. gron opal. it's like a christmas tree. but, instead of being coated in snow, it's coated in powdered sugar.