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  1. Will have to attend a tasting session in the future - at work today :-( (Just replied to Alan with a message). And another welcome, thanks Oglala56!
  2. It has been a while since I have stumbled upon such an active forum. Love it! So many different replies and clearly many other drinks which I have yet to taste. Yes Alan, I am from London. By chance I have discovered that London has an Absinthe bar which may be interesting to visit. The WS is a breath of fresh air as Absinthe in the UK is still regarded as a drink drunk by the devil. I have yet to cut off one of my ears... Gwydon - Thanks for your explaination of distillation. Really makes sense of the criteria in my mind that could be used to judge Absinthe (or Absinth Sebor's case!).
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome all :-) Already checking out the link.
  4. Hi guys, So I am relatively new to Absinthe. Have often enjoyed a glass when out with friends but still don't know much about it. Recently bought a bottle of Sebor Absinth but gather it is mostly hated by those on the Wormwood society forum! I actually like Sebor but don't really have anything to compare it to. So two questions: 1) Is Sebor really that bad? What makes it bad? 2) Which other make of Absinthe would you recommend? Much thanks for the help!