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  1. Where did you order the fountain from? I got it off Absinthe On The Net: http://www.absintheonthenet.com/servlet/StoreFront They had very quick service, and it was well packed. It works extremely well. It's a little smaller than I was expecting, but it actually holds plenty of water. The one thing I will say about it is that it is very lightweight, so it's advisable to put it on something non-skid (like a rubber placemat) rather than just on the countertop, and to hold it when you're turning the taps initially, as it can slide a bit.
  2. Cool, that's not too far from us. We live up in Crown Hill, just off Holman. Have you been to Gainsbourg Lounge over on Greenwood? Nice little joint, with a pretty decent selection of absinthes and they actually know how to serve it. I've also heard that Snooze Junction has an absinthe fountain, but I haven't gone in there yet because absinthe and pizza don't seem to be quite right to me.
  3. Thanks all. The absinthe fountain I ordered came in yesterday, and I'm happy to report it is in fine working order. Here's a picture of it immediately after taking it out of the box and setting one of our glasses next to it.
  4. I went by City Kitchens this morning, and I'm sad to report that they no longer carry fountains. I looked around a bit, and when I couldn't find one finally asked one of the staff and she said that they had put them on closeout, and if there were any left they'd be over in this hidden corner. There weren't any, unfortunately. So, guess it's time to order online, since there doesn't seem to be anywhere else in town that carries them.
  5. Ah, that makes sense. And yeah, the liquor laws here in WA are a bit weird.
  6. Funny, I was looking at the Pacific Distillery website just last night and thinking the same thing. Are Saturdays still the best time to "drop in?" I probably won't have time until September, but I think it would be a lot of fun to do a small tour.
  7. They have two shelves. One is over in the liquers, which has Lucid, Absente, and Pacifique. Over on the other side of the store, though, there's another shelf that had many others, including Duplais, Kübler (which I kinda like), and several I don't remember. There definitely looked to be some "cheap crap" there, too, though. I'll have to bounce down to City Kitchens this weekend and check them out. Thanks for the tip!
  8. I've just recently been introduced to Absinthe (thanks, Gainsbourg Lounge of Seattle!), and am quickly becoming a fan. Been talking it up to my buddy down in El Paso (hi, Jeff), and he's looking forward to trying it out when he comes to visit up here near the end of August. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi," and let folks know that the liquor store on 15th in Crown Hill actually carries a pretty good selection. Now I just need to get myself a fountain...