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  1. Glad you finally made it on board D..
  2. Let me mention a little about my background, I am in Law Enforcement, so I am not unfamiliar with current trends in drug paraphernalia. This resembles a pipe used for illegal purposes, that is all I was saying, I never said it was one, just that it appears to be. I was also agreeing with a majority here that this defeats the purpose of making Absinthe and the process and romance of it all.
  3. This takes the class out of the whole deal that is the Absinthe ritual. I am not a fan of this method, it looks too drug related, and as many have stated it does not seem to prepare the drink properly.
  4. Please do.. I would be interested in the pictures... and a link to the blue dye.
  5. Ha, guess I am in the same boat with the majority here, I thought this was gonna be a story about how your kids ran off with your bottle, and you caught them in the play house out back with a fountain and spoons having a Absinthe party. But really, I like the idea of Brats cooked in the stuff.. will have to give that a try.
  6. Luscious Oily Lesbians!. No No, not Blueberry Absinthe. Blueberry as in the fruit. Its a blue food that someone above said there were no blue foods. But I guess in a way he is right, they are kinda purple. If it is happening naturally, I am not gonna color it... why ruin the natural beauty of the process and the drink? EDIT: I was gonna edit the Laughing Out Load acronym, but I think I rather like your take on it.
  7. Great portrayal of your experience. I almost felt as if I were there. I will let you know what my first time is like when I get up to Seattle (End of AUG) for PAX and to hang with my buddy who is already a connoisseur of the stuff. I am saving my Absinthe Virginity for our friendship.
  8. Good to know I am not alone in hEll Paso.
  9. I was wondering if there was a Blue ( Romulan Ale Blue ) Absinthe out there? I saw posted here something about a blue greenish one but it smelled and tasted bad. Is there one that taste good? Just curious is all. I have a friend who is into Romulans, would be kinda neat to tell him I found real Romulan ale. Not that koolaid in a can stuff you find online.
  10. The only place I have found Absinthe is at Specs Liquor Store - 655 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX 79912. 915-584-1008 They are open from Monday - Saturday from 10AM till 9PM. Map And further info here: http://www.specsonline.com/cgi-bin/showmap?store=94& Here is their Online Store: http://www.specsonline.com/
  11. http://www.truebeer.com/Skull-Shot-Glass-Set_p_457.html There ya go! look at the last image.
  12. Greetings, I have an odd sense of humor. I was talking with my friend in Seattle, and had this funny idea for a novelty fountain. Get a Kool Aide Pitcher ( http://www.amazon.com/CRYSTAL-KOOL-AID-PIT...C/dp/B000ZOO12O ) and add a spigot right about in the no no place, so it can deliver you a nice drip of water to your sugar cube and mix in with your absinthe to make a nice nectar of the gods. I guess the color and sugar, and the whole process give me a chuckle when I think of it coming from the Kool Aide Man. Any thoughts, on this idea?
  13. Really, So do I! I love skulls. And I agree 98 bucks for the bottle was a bit steep but when I saw it I had to have it. Did you get the large bottle or the smaller one or both?