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    Absinthe in warm tropical climates

    Yeah, they even made some...
  2. thegreenimp

    Show Off Your Gear

    1934 Herbsaint booklet ( First year ), part of a group of liquor booklets I snagged cheap. Now all I need is the Legendre Absinthe booklet variation.
  3. thegreenimp

    La Fee's New Blanche

    Good, bring me some swag...I'll wear my Velvet Jones outfit.
  4. thegreenimp

    WTB: Sample sized glass

    Look on eBay, you can find a lot of vintage short Mazagran glasses, usually advertised as absinthe glasses. I've had a set for a dozen years that has seen a lot of Louchefests™
  5. Some use small spray bottle to mist the inside of the glass, or you can learn to get better at pouring just enough to coat a glass with practice.
  6. thegreenimp

    Is it?

    Hopefully they like expensive recently made olive oil dispensers...
  7. For the carafe fanciers, get these: http://www.icetubes.com/new/home.asp
  8. thegreenimp

    Reasonably priced absinthe spoon...

    W. C. Fields was right, Never Give A Sucker an Even Break
  9. thegreenimp

    REDUX Absinthe - Golden Moon Distillery

    Sounds very nice, I'll pm you my e-mail, thanks!
  10. thegreenimp

    REDUX Absinthe - Golden Moon Distillery

    I'd like to hear more about that creme de violet...
  11. Most likely it'll be a mid level absinthe, that will get a huge media push. P. R. probably could care less about absinthe forums, they'll make a big push though other cocktail sources, as this being the second coming. Just watch...
  12. P. R. sells an oil mix absinthe at 65-75 USD (Or more) for a decade.....hmmm what would they do?
  13. thegreenimp

    Chris Kassel?

    Just another "Tugger" Max wannabe ...
  14. thegreenimp

    Absinthe Fountain Maintenance

    Get a tube of Taylor Icecream Machine lube, to lube and seal the taps on the modern metal fountains. I did a little tune up work on the tap parts, since I'm used to working with items like that. You almost have to look at the indivual repro fountain. (I had a couple of the early metal repros, which had a little variation in the Q.C. when they were first released) I still use an ancient glass L'Amesinthe fountain from the early 2000s for one or two person use, I take very good care of all this absinthe junk.
  15. thegreenimp

    Absinthe by the Glass Type Journal

    Get a height gage with a carbide scriber: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/WESTWARD-Height-Gage-2YND3?Pid=search
  16. thegreenimp

    Show Off Your Gear

    A better photo.
  17. thegreenimp

    Show Off Your Gear

    Twins. The one on the right still has content.
  18. thegreenimp

    Hamlet Absinthe

    That's about it.
  19. thegreenimp

    Foodwishes: "Antoine's" Oyster Rockefeller Recipe

    Pernod Pastis? Get a Rope... In New Orleans they use Herbsaint.
  20. thegreenimp

    New American Rouge

    There was a 1930s red absinthe substitute made in New Orleans, I have the advertisement.
  21. thegreenimp

    Larusée Aurum, Absinthe with gold flakes

    I want an absinthe Lava Lamp™
  22. thegreenimp

    Absinthe Pairings

    These pair nicely:Alpaca socks Comfortable feet and a glass of absinthe.
  23. thegreenimp

    Atelier Vie Absinthe on local TV

    One of the three members of the New Orleans Absinthe Manufacturers Association. It's just a little historical project I'm putting together.
  24. thegreenimp

    Atelier Vie Absinthe on local TV

    It's not the first... This will be the second Red absinthe made in New Orleans, since there was one made many years ago in NOLA.