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  1. 1934 Herbsaint booklet ( First year ), part of a group of liquor booklets I snagged cheap. Now all I need is the Legendre Absinthe booklet variation.
  2. Good, bring me some swag...I'll wear my Velvet Jones outfit.
  3. Look on eBay, you can find a lot of vintage short Mazagran glasses, usually advertised as absinthe glasses. I've had a set for a dozen years that has seen a lot of Louchefests™
  4. Some use small spray bottle to mist the inside of the glass, or you can learn to get better at pouring just enough to coat a glass with practice.
  5. thegreenimp

    Is it?

    Hopefully they like expensive recently made olive oil dispensers...
  6. For the carafe fanciers, get these: http://www.icetubes.com/new/home.asp
  7. W. C. Fields was right, Never Give A Sucker an Even Break
  8. Most likely it'll be a mid level absinthe, that will get a huge media push. P. R. probably could care less about absinthe forums, they'll make a big push though other cocktail sources, as this being the second coming. Just watch...
  9. P. R. sells an oil mix absinthe at 65-75 USD (Or more) for a decade.....hmmm what would they do?
  10. Just another "Tugger" Max wannabe ...
  11. Get a tube of Taylor Icecream Machine lube, to lube and seal the taps on the modern metal fountains. I did a little tune up work on the tap parts, since I'm used to working with items like that. You almost have to look at the indivual repro fountain. (I had a couple of the early metal repros, which had a little variation in the Q.C. when they were first released) I still use an ancient glass L'Amesinthe fountain from the early 2000s for one or two person use, I take very good care of all this absinthe junk.
  12. Get a height gage with a carbide scriber: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/WESTWARD-Height-Gage-2YND3?Pid=search