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    Painting, guitars, running, traveling, absinthe.... hmmm I'm sure theres got to be more things....
  1. Excited to find a local "ground to glass" distillery in my area and thought I'd share. I guess the botanicals aren't grown on the ranch but the base spirit grains are which is cool. I grabbed two bottles of lot #1 and think it has a very good flavor and aroma. Hope it makes it outside the state for others to try. Cheers!
  2. Garrett

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Started with la maison fontaine verre and then went to Leopold Bros.
  3. Garrett

    Ageing An UNOPENED Bottle

    So I have started my aging collection... I wish i would have started earlier and with better quality (I was a newbie and that's all that I could get locally and I was am bit by the antique bug so thats where I spent my money...) but thats another issue. Currently I have kept my hands off and started aging bottles of (in cool temperatures, bottles up, out of sunlight under at my bar): Vieux Carre (stored March 2012) Leopold Bros (stored March 2012) Kübler (stored March 2012) St. George (stored August 2012) Newbies La Berthe De Joux (stored July 2013) Jade VS 1898 (date on bottle January 2013) Jade 1901 (date on bottle June 2013) So my question is what are some good choices to add to my aging collection? I have read the review page, but am specifically interested in what is/might be a good 'aged' absinthe which may or may not be the best reviewed absinthes. My strategy from here on out is to by 2 of everything... drink one and then age one . Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. Garrett

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Started the night with Scotch (Aberlour 16 year old) but now have shifted to absinthe and poured a glass of Jade Edouard.
  5. Garrett

    Regards from New England

    Hello and welcome! I am currently drinking a Jade 1901 and it wont disappoint. Cheers
  6. Garrett

    My absinthe art

    My first absinthe related painting about 2/3 finished.... hmmmm too sugar or not to sugar is the question.
  7. Garrett

    Show us your Glass!

    Than, Terminus and Co.
  8. Garrett

    Vintage absinthe at Antique Spirits

    I've had a sample of xcj's 1913 Pernod Fils and it was fantastic. I have no other prebans experience to compare it to but the experience/flavor/color/aroma/louche.... all were perfect. In fact I only had a 1/3 of it and am saving the remaining portion for the next special occasion. Many thanks
  9. Garrett

    Reno, Nevada

    This is where I get my absinthe localy. Cheers
  10. Garrett

    Show Off Your Gear

    Fantastic item you have there, :thumbup: very jealous.
  11. Garrett

    Antique tippling stick

    This is super cool.
  12. Garrett

    Vinturi Aerator

    I just so happen feel obligated to oblidge as a test subject So I used the exact same proportions for all three drinks: 1oz of VC to 5oz of britta filtered water. The far left glass had the absinthe aerated with the spirits aerator, the middle glass no aeration, and the right the VC was aerated with the red wine aerator. Then I had my fiancé poor me a small glass of each in a regular glass so I could have a blind taste test. My results.... Smell: head to head tough tell any difference. Taste: this was tough and not as pronounced as I expected, but I felt the wine specific aerator yielded a more vibrant, cleaner taste compared to spirits aerator and followed by the non-aerated glass. Nothing necessarily ground breakingly different between the three, but enough to distinguish subtleties between the aerated glasses and then the non-aerated glass. All in all I feel the red wine aerator produced the brightest taste compared to the spirits aerator for what its worth. I agree with FPB here that there is little difference between aerators, but for whatever reason I did seem prefer aerated glasses slightly more over non-aerated....could just be me though with a ton of booze in me
  13. Garrett

    Kübler kinda grew on me........

    I enjoy it myself. I agree its not the best absinthe, but its the only blanche that I can buy locally and the 1L bottle is a definite plus.