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  1. My first glass in finished. Literally just now. My impressions. First: Too sweet. Next time, no sugar cube and a 3 to 1 water ratio. I mean, hey, wheres the bitter? As they say in Vanilla Sky, 'the bitter with the sweet', right? Second: I am feelin' miiiiiiiiighty fine. I'm not drunk, exactly. After all it was just one glass, but I feel strangely focused. Is this what is described as 'presence'? A facinating, delightly feeling, though to much sugar in my stomach. And I have the munchies. Go figure! Where's the carrot cake! And despite the several people who warned me of the dangers, no hallucinations. (Not that I'd mind). I could see mixing it with just the right kind of champagne. Though that would probably lead to a vicious hangover. Ouch!!! I understand why people were drinking this by the liter in the old days. My mind is very, very clear, yet I have this nice buzz. Ahhhhh. Tomorrow my friends and I will start early and have three or four glasses. See how it feels. Yowzah! It is delicious. One of the best spirits I have had. I see a host of flying monkeys in my future. (Actually what do you call a bunch of monkeys? A pod of whales, a pride of lions, a ____ of flying monkeys.) This bottle is going to last a week, two weeks tops. What do I get next? Suggestions, anyone?
  2. The Plan was to wait till tomorrow night to enjoy my first Jade with some friends. Yeah right. I simply could not wait till tomorrow. No way. So I figure I'd share with all of you my impressions of my first glass of Absinthe. A Jade Absinthe Edouard, November 2005. Upon opening, I'm greeted with a blast of licorice. Wow. What a smell. I've always been the guy to pick out the black jelly beans and only eat those, so already I'm in heaven. And such an amazing shade of green. C&H cube on the spoon, a few drops of water, a slow dissolve. It is fascinating to watch. Dissolved, and I just watched the water drops dive into the jade, little trails coming of behind. It slowly changes to a greenish white. Four to one water ratio. A stir with the spoon. My first sip: I like! Anise, fennel, just a hint of bitterness, a bit to watery (next glass will be 3 to 1) but damn, this sensation is staying in my throat and down to my stomach. Oh yes, I like this a lot! And damn if I'm not feeling a buzz already. I'll check back!
  3. A ring of the bell. I open the door, only to hear the retreating footsteps of a flying monkey. A package! Could it be? Yes! Finally, my shipment from absintheonline has arrived. My first impressions, before drinking. #1. The bottle is beautiful. A November 2005 Jade Absinthe Eduardo. The label, the color, the wax seal. My hats of to Mr. Bureaux. #2. The Fleshes spoon looked great. Until I saw the giant stamped 'www.absintheonline.com' on it. What the hell? I'm OK with advertising the brand a bit, but come on guys, stamp it on the BACKSIDE of the spoon. Or at least use a nicer font, something matching the style of the rest of the spoon. #3. The large reservoir Pontarlier. Hmmmm. I'm not sure yet. I don't think I like the edge on the lip. Almost sharp actually. I guess modern style glasses have much 'safer' lips. The bottle was supposed to be for New Years Eve. And while I am tempted to crack it open now I think I'll wait till sundown. Get together with some friends. Uncork. See what happens...
  4. And Hiram, you would not be the first to call me stubborn. I personally prefer muleheaded, but whatever.
  5. I was on business in Russia perhaps 15 years ago. Our business lunch required many toasts, and one point they pulled out a bottle of what they called Buffalo Vodka. Burned like a mutherfucker, but I liked it a lot. Never had any since, though I have some friends going this summer. I'm going to ask them to bring me back a bottle. And I'm guessing that my LDF order will not be coming for tonight. And I was so hoping to start the year off properly. Well there's still a few hours left, they might come through. And thanks for the link to the distillers forum. There was a plethora of information which I soaked up (macerated?) for hours and hours. I want to do a tour of Europe now and go visit the distillers, see how they really do it, sample everything. Like a wine tasting tour in Napa.
  6. Hiram is spot on with the posters. I understand where all the goths get their inspiration, thanks to everyones input. But damn... Everytime I think Absinthe I think Letrec and Gigi (even though she was drinking champagne). But hey, that's just me. And where the hell are the monkeys? I ordered on the 22nd, and still no arrival. :(
  7. Now I'm admittedly a newbie here. And I haven't even tried any absinthe yet (still waiting for flying monkeys and my bottle of Jade). But I did a myspace search, to get a feel for the absinthe community out there. Most everyone who turned up was somehow goth related - unscientifically 70-80%. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against goth music, or the lifestyle. To quote Sienfeld "not that there is anything wrong with that". Saw Trent way back in 1992 or 93. Siouxsie and the Banshees fan before that and still am. And as I said, I'm rather new to all of this so I hope I am not offending anyone. But how did this association occur? Green fairies, Moulin Rouge, France? Gay Paris? Not very Goth. I mean, "Gigi" isn't NIN. How did black clothes, lipstick, piercings, and vampires become linked to such an expensive connoisseurs drink? Again, this is not condemnation, merely an observation.
  8. Ever tried buffalo vodka? Wow! I'm going to skip the whole soaking wormwood thing. I read back over the posts, and then also dug around through the forum some more. Somewhere I read that wormwood is the second most bitter herb on the planet and distilling is required to remove the extreme bitterness. Second most bitter herb in the world? Forget it. And as for distilling, I live in a condo. Where the hell would I put a propane fired still? In the garage with all the other cars? "Oh hey there Mrs. Johnson. Don't mind me and the high output propane burner under this big contraption that looks like it came off the set of Deliverance. I'll just be down here for a few days, making a really big batch of... tea, that's it, tea. I sure do like my tea brewed properly. Come back in a week and I'll make you a cup." OK, so I'm rambling. Mostly I'm just frustrated that my bottle of Jade hasn't shown up yet. According to the website, the flying monkeys are having trouble with the extra holiday security. Damn!!!
  9. Hmmm. Montmarte. Well, if one did want to soak a bunch of herbs in alcohol and then strain them off and drink the mixture (legal, yes?) , which of course would taste terrible but if one did want to do this, what would be a recipe and where would one purchase the herbs?
  10. Moving to Czech and living in a shack? Not a chance. I think I'll wait for the flying monkeys and enjoy a glass. I'll report back my first experience - should be fun.
  11. "Absinthe is not, and never was, a drug. It's booze." Absinthe is alcohol. However, alcohol is a drug. It is a LEGAL drug, like asprin or ibuprofin. But I agree, Hiram, with the underlying concept you are getting at - Absinthe is not like illegal drugs such as LSD, mushrooms, or opium. And it is misunderstood and obviously has had its reputation wildly distorted by govenrment propaganda campaigns. you wouldn't believe the stuff I hear from people when I told them I was going to get a bottle - then again, of course you would! I am attracted to the ritual, the color, and also the description of the taste. I cannot speak for the psychoactive properties of absinthe, having never had any. However, in my experience all alcohol has different buzzes. I choose my drink not only for it's taste but for the feel. It's difficult for me to describe, but I can tell the difference in my experience between vodka, gin, whiskey,rum and tequila. Rum makes me somewhat happy and goofy. I tell my best jokes. I've also found that price does make a difference. Tequila for example, when cheap, makes me ill. However, several times I have had some very expensive tequila ($100+ bottle) that was mildly psychadelic after sipping three or four small glasses.(You don't shoot the good stuff). And I once was lucky enough to drink a small glass of single malt, 50 year old whiskey from a $2500 bottle which put me in a state that I can only describe as otherworldly. I truly understood what liquid gold the Scottish refer to. I am hoping that the "presence" experience that I have read about is not just a myth.
  12. Ahhhh. I have the terrible fear of small places with iron bars. This is far more of an intellectual exercise; I am interested in the process then the actual doing. It's in my nature. (Future Jeopardy Champion). Besides, distilling is DANGEROUS, and not just in a legal sense. Creating alcohol requires fire. As a former member of management at a rocket company (I'm not a rocket scientist, but a bunch worked for me) I can assure that putting these two components near each other in close proximity is generally not wise, especially alcohol that is high proof. Not to mention the ill effects of methanol (you know, blindness, dissolving of skin, seizures, death) from a badly made batch of homebrew hooch. Of course, try working with UDMH and N2O4. Now that's down right terrifying. It is possible to get the licenses to distill spirits. Expensive, yes, but possible. Unfortunately, permitting is prohibitively expensive and difficult for the average citizen in California (as in Me). Let alone the still and safety equipment costs. Apparently some states like Michigan have been making it easier to get permits to create artisan style business opportunities, similar to the small cheese manufacturers we have here. But of course then you get into the whole wormwood problem. Regarding that, I've read some of the other threads. If other imported alcohols and food products can be shown to have thujone (chartreuse, sage) couldn't importation be made legal? PS Love the chat filter. I'll stick to using entire sentences.
  13. OK, how the hell did Luscious Oily Lesbians get into my reply. What the hell is that? Ahhhhh. It's Laugh out loud! Oh thats great, I'll have to remember that. Luscious Oily Lesbians! nice!
  14. Glad I'm sounding like a complete knucklehead. I've been doing a bit of research. Order my first bottle of Jade, hoping it makes it here for New Years Eve. Flying monkeys, right? If I am correct in what I am reading on the forum and elsewhere, simply distilling essence of wormwood, anise, etc and then mixing that in with some everclear would lead to Maceration then distillation, yes? Luscious Oily Lesbians! So those recipes for homemade absinthe are all shiet. I was especially curious about the one I read one from Burning Man that added Lions tail. Unfortunately I like Cristal, not Cooks. Taste is expensive. No wonder that Jade cost me an arm and a leg. I hope it's worth it.