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  1. finally back. Hi to all. I hope some of you will remember me so my introduction doesn´t have to be too long. My name is Michael, Nickname Deep Forest. After some very exciting years in which I spent nearly my whole freetime for absinthe, I was a little bit tired and I decided to look for other hobbies, But finally (after over 10 years) I think I found my way back. Unfortunately the German Forum (absinth-guide) doesn´t exist any more and I fear that the big absinthe-hype is nearly over. I´m looking forward to some informative discussions and to "learn" what I have missed the last 10 years. Sorry for my english, but it is a little bit rusty.
  2. No, I just gave an example. It is possible that more Eichelberger Absinthes content star anise. Not all, but more than one.
  3. Well, the Eichelberger 70 contents star anise. I have to say that I really like a "strong" wormwood (only distilled) and herbal taste in absinthes, so I don´t think that the taste is unbalanced. I think that the bitterness depends on the wormwood amount in the distillation process, but there are some other herbs which give the absinthe a bitter/herbal taste too. Of course we pull down the 96% to a moderate level before we start the distillation.
  4. Between 25 - 30 l of 96% spirit. PS: Some Eichelberger Absinthes content little amounts of star anise, but not for the louche.
  5. Of course there is NO wormwood (except pontica ) in the coloring process. I don´t like absinthes where grande wormwood is used in the coloring process or sugar is added, so I would never do this in one of my recipes. @Grim, Helfrich: Yes, this product is made from a single distillation. We spend very long time for the distillation process. As you can read on the Alandia website we spend about 9 to 10 hours for a very small batch. Perhaps this is the reason.
  6. Hi @ all, don`t worry, there`s neither sugar nor star anise in the Epoque. @Shabba: Thank you for your review. PS: And there is no sugar added in the Maison.
  7. No, unfortunately there is no site in English. To be honest, I have no clue if the Eichelberger distillery ships to the US. I´m just involved in the creating of the receipe and the distillation process. But if anyone of you is interested in ordering, just write them an E-Mail, they will answer your questions. eichelberger-spezialitaeten@t-online.de
  8. Hi, yes, there are 3 new Eichelberger Absinthe. We produced them at the end of 2006. A blanche with 80 %, a Verte with 70 and the same recipe with a wine base (limited). I was involved in all 3. My favorite is the blanche. It is more traditional than the Blanche 58. At the moment the 3 new absinthes only are available in the shop of the Eichelberger distillery. http://www.taxoeldern.de/shop/katalogseite01.html