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  1. I apparently live in No-Man's Land ... :( But as luck would have it, DrinkUpNY still delivers in a day .. even if it's now free shipping on orders over $200 instead of $100...
  2. So during the long and cold winters up here in New England, I shifted over to Whiskey to warm my bones. But now it's the heat of summer - and from all of my talk of NO last year - I happen to get a NEW bottle for my birthday. Heartbreaking I know... but I will just have to suffer through a new bottle ::grin:: I just wanted to say that it's Damn time I got back on the site and got to reading up on all the things I have missed. SOMEBODY has to represent upper New England here after all!
  3. Welcome ! And I have had good Experience with DrinkUpNY... (Free shipping for over $100) and Miguel has forced me to buy my next bottle at Catskill Cellars (Walton Waters). It's just the Right thing to do ::grin::
  4. It seems shipping is almost expensive as a good absinthe ! Shipping is $35 from drinkupny.com . Even for orders over $100? Yeah - Initially I discovered that the price for shipping booze was a lot more than I expected.. but eventually I got used to it from other places
  5. I'm not far from you- and I have found that ordering online is my very best friend Although I have been told there may be places in Montreal to buy, I have not had the time to come up and investigate. This was my first bottle - it arrived the next day, and the shipping was free. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I HAVE done it again ::grin:: http://www.drinkupny.com/Jade_Nouvelle_Orleans_p/s0736.htm
  6. BRIAN! We could outline 10 episodes in 10 minutes. It's not like there would have to be any time requirement. These could be as short or as long as the subject. "Spoons - what your Momma never told you", or shorter yet - "Sugar Cubes - SEE the difference!". or even shorter, "Damn that cork was SOFT!" Or something longer - like an introduction series that could cover the info in the WS PDF flyer in a little more depth. In previous work, did you get to a partial outlined Episode list? I would think that if you asked for episode ideas, you could get a hundred to choose from in short order.... Even if the whole RSS feed thing could not be figured out, videos could be uploaded to YouTube until things COULD get figured.... I did a Google search for "Absinthe Podcast" and came up disappointed with the results. This could be such a supreme fit and the only real Absinthe voice in the format. And Bill had a BRILLIANT idea as well! Put in ABSINTHE in TED's search window and you get ZERO results...
  7. Happy Birthday - and Ditto about the new track!
  8. You know what I'd REALLY like to hear - or even SEE? A WS podcast produced every month. Some news, reviews, education for those new. By all means, don't get me wrong about the WS Site itself, but I'm finding more and more that sharing Absinthe is actually kind of personal, and a audio or even a video-cast could REALLY spread a great deal of GOOD info to places that the WS may not reach. Clearly there are seriously educated and opinionated people here who are not afraid to voice their thoughts ::grin:: - so there is no lack of material. And What I would REALLY like to see? Video reviews! SHOW us the set-up, the color before during and after... Hell, show us the initial facial expression if you want. I did a quick search on PODCAST, and this was the closest thing I could find... Have there been any thoughts in this direction? Again, it wouldn't have to be a weekly thing - or even a monthly thing. It could even be just a set run of maybe 10 episodes to fire and forget and leave out on the internet.... Even if audio only, many of us could get together virtually through Skype or some such. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  9. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! A NEW MIND TO TWIST!!! Welcome!
  10. If I could afford the time off, and afford the credit hours, I'd JUMP back into school for a few years. I'd really like to spend some hard time focused on REAL video editing for instance. But I am a tad long in the tooth WELCOME Sicknight - I'm glad you are getting things straight for your site. If you are going to post something - it'll be out there making you either look brilliant, or look like a dolt. It DOES say good things that you would rather look brilliant For the record, there are a few folk here with high expertise that you can tap, and it looks like you are doing just that. If you are going to do something - do it well.
  11. I'll admit $13.50 is not as bad as I have seen for sure. Easily twice that from overseas. I HAVE been eyeballing the Walton Waters. I'll have to go back and take a second look.