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  1. not sure what part of the forum to post a report of a very good online retailer but I just experienced some A-1 customer service with Catskill Cellars. http://catskillcellars.com/ IMO they deserve your consideration for business...after I made a mistake on the order they helped make it right and were great to work with.
  2. Vieux Carre and some great 8 track tapes...Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash, Lynyrd Skynyrd with Robin Trower sure to be in the deck soon...absinthe does make the tunes flow by...
  3. welcome to the WS forum, many good people and much info to be found here!
  4. one of the most enjoyable aspects of being new to the world of absinthe (as I am) is trying different brands & deciding what you enjoy and what you don't... recently got two bottles of Pacifique & it is well, everything I was led to believe by the good people here: simply fantastic. I know Vieux Carre and St George are not liked by some on the WS forum, but they are both worth tasting in my book. (maybe because I haven't moved on beyond Pacifique, yet. ) Kübler and Lucid are both very bland to my taste and not worth the $$, but I actually like Obsello for a lower priced absinthe that has a unique flavor, probably the grape base accounts for that. No doubt about it, if you spend any time looking around here you'll get the answers you're looking for... the WS forum is great resource...now, onto that second glass of Pacifique!!
  5. this thread is all very valuable information, thanks!! i had the experience of opening a bottle of Vieux Carre this past summer and then leaving it on the kitchen counter for a period of time. ( it looked so good there ) it took me about 3 weeks as i recall to drink it and by the end i was sure the flavor was changed, and not for the better...i blame the sunlight in the kitchen and won't make that error again, no matter how cool it looks!