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  1. Love your new baby!!! And yeah, Blue Mist can be kinda harsh. Right now we're smoking Melon Blue and later we have Starbuzz ACID. Starbuzz combined with ACID Cigars, I guess. The smell is atrocious, but we've heard great reviews, so we'll see!!!
  2. Jen and I will be smoking Starbuzz Blue Mist in a moment. Most "advanced" hookah smokers poo-poo Blue Mist as it's a very beginner shisha. However, we don't care what others say and do. We really love the blueberry and mint flavor and enjoy the smoke Starbuzz gives! Here's one of my favorite pictures of myself hookah smoking.
  3. Tonight Jen and I are drinking Laphroaig. It's absolutely delicious!
  4. Jen and I are drinking Absente! It's quite good. Sadly our liquor store only carries Absente and one other Absinthe. :(
  5. My wife and I are two of the only girls we know personally who smoke pipe's (and I hate having to tell people it's a TOBACCO pipe! Oi.) I've had my eye on a custom Lion head meerschaum for a long time now. Ever since I was of smoking age in Utah. I received my very first pipe on my 19th birthday (smoking age in Utah) from my wife and I've been building a small collection ever since! ^_^ Now that I'm also a fan of coffee, I plan on trying a pipe and coffee in the morning. Though I'd love to have a pipe with a nice glass of Absinthe and see what that's like. I'm also a cigar, cigarillo and hookah smoker. ^_^
  6. Sorry, digging up an old thread here, but yes! These are quite amazing. We recently bought Cognac and Rum flavored Al Capones and they are delicious. They were $15 each at our local smoke shop, but luckily they each held 10!
  7. Angie13


    D'oh. I just noticed a thread right below mine about hookah smoking or at least, trying the hookah!
  8. Angie13


    Hello everyone! I tried making sure there wasn't a hookah thread already started and I didn't see one, so let's hope I'm not being a copy-cat! My wife and I have a hookah, it's only a one hose but it is about 3' tall which is just perfect for us. We started smoking molasses tobacco (otherwise known as "shisha") in June of 2009. It's quite good with Absinthe, especially with the lights low and a very good flavor in the bowl. We've even wondered what Absinthe in the vase would taste like, but we don't want to waste a precious drop. ^_^ Anyway, if you do smoke hookah, please share! At the moment we're smoking Starbuzz Code 69!
  9. Y'all are too kind!!! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! ^_^
  10. Thank you everyone! ^_^
  11. Hello everyone! I'm Angie, I'm 21 and I live in Utah with my beautiful wife and soul mate Jen! Jen and I had our first glass of Absinthe shortly after my 21st birthday. We bought Lucid from a Smith's in Vegas, as we didn't know if our liquor store would have any. Almost a year later, we have found out our liquor store does carry Absinthe and we're very pleased! Neither of us are party girls, we prefer to drink our alcohol together while relaxing with a good show, movie, game, etc. or just silence and talking about our favorite things. ^_^ I myself am a gamer, geek, artist, shopaholic, outdoorsy girly-girl (as my signature says!) with a passion for True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, World of Warcraft, Lolita and Gothic Lolita fashion and lifestyles, Strigoi Vii, everything New Age and much much more. My wife and I are both in our early 20s, so we're enjoying the amazingness of Absinthe together. We've only had Lucid plain (with a sugar cube!) though we've heard about some amazing mixed Absinthe beverages! We're definitely excited to try them out. ^_^ For more about me, feel free to check out my blog's "About Me" page here!