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  1. Looks like it’s been a while since anyone has posted in this thread... NASA Liquor on NASA Road 1 and El Camino Real carries Jade 1901, C.F. Berger, Nouvelle Orleans, and Edouard. Total Wine in Baybrook Mall carries Leopold Brothers. Spec’s on Smith Street carries Butterfly. Rosewater on Clear Lake City Blvd. and El Camino Real has an excellent selection of absinthe (including he Jades) and makes wonderful cocktails - it even got a visit and a tasting with Ted Breaux a couple of months back. Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar also has a nice selection of the Jade absinthes. That’s all I’m aware of so far...
  2. I just bought a bottle of batch 99 and it’s a bit more yellowish than I remember, but every bit as delicious!
  3. Apologies if there has already been a post about this, but I wonder if anyone has had any experience with the Slipstream absinthe fountain glass pipe: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00W6Y9R5W?keywords=absinthe%20spoon&qid=1447967581&ref_=sr_1_26&s=kitchen&sr=1-26 It looks intriguing, but I wonder if the absinthe drinking experience is comparable to a traditional glass + spoon + dripper. Thoughts?
  4. The absinthe trail is definitely on my bucket list. Maybe as a graduation present to myself...
  5. Any news regarding a 2015 L'Ancienne batch?
  6. I'm definitely more of a fan of Butterfly than I was upon my first glass. It's very good, and fairly available in SoCal.
  7. It's that time of year in L.A. when I can't find Pacifique and start reacquainting myself with old favorites. The L'Ancienne is my third and final bottle from the 2014 batch, and I'm hesitant to open it just yet...
  8. No, I usually have cases I've made; but these came to work so I had to improvise...
  9. I am very much looking forward to this evening - I've been waiting for this for two years.
  10. I ordered two bottles of La Grenouille in the beginning of October; now I'm regretting not ordering more. Easily one of my three favorite absinthes.
  11. Maison Priemiere was incredible! I had Blues Cat and Butterfly absinthe for the first time.
  12. Mine came in the mail last week, and I've been using it pretty frequently. The important parts of this fountain are metal, and the reservoir is acrylic, which makes this a convenient travel fountain. The fountain can be taken apart and cleaned as well; you can remove the taps with a 10mm wrench, and then unscrew the stand from the acrylic reservoir, and then carefully separate the reservoir from the metal baseplate. Taking it apart might further facilitate it's transportability. It's really the perfect size for one or two glasses of absinthe, and it doesn't take an entire tray of ice cubes to chill the water. I feel like it's $100 well spent.
  13. Patience is a virtue, I suppose... http://www.absinthes.com/product_info.php?products_id=1084
  14. If you're in the Los Angeles area, The Beverage Warehouse in Culver City has some bottles of the Pernod Original Recipe; unfortunately it's $10 more than the Pacifique.
  15. I just found a couple bottles at Mission Wine and Spirits in Glendale. Quite enjoyable to sip on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, while outdoors with a slight ocean breeze.
  16. Just had the first glass of the 2012 bottle; as far as I can tell, it tastes pretty similar to the 2011 batch, the last glass of which I had about a month ago. I don't have the patience of others here to sit on a bottle for more than a month or so. I tried that with the Sauvage, and I lasted about six weeks before cracking into my archive bottle.
  17. I really miss Sauvage. Several people that I let taste it were t crazy about it, but I think it was one of my favorites.
  18. Has distribution of Pacifique ceased in the Los Angeles area? The last place I was able to find it was at Mission Wine and Spirits back in December. I miss the days where it was common to find Pacifique in any well stocked specialty wine and liquor shop in L.A.
  19. I have two bottles on the way. I know the formula changes a little from year to year, so I'm hoping this one is as tasty as the last batch.
  20. Just got the pre-order email from absinthes.com - not a moment too soon, either, as I JUST finished the very last of my L'Ancienne a few days ago.
  21. I was at a bar in Santa Monica called the Basement Tavern on Sunday, and I noticed this miniature absinthe fountain. I asked the bartender about it and he said it was given to them by Pernod. Has anyone seen a fountain like this for sale? It's the perfect sizre for one or two glasses of absinthe, and looked to me like it would travel well. I'm hoping this has a more generic manufacturer, and that it's not exclusively from Pernod. I'd hate to have to buy a bottle of that crap to get this.