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  1. I'm not a newcomer but am back after several years off the website.If any of you have any recommendations for absinthe drinking in my area please give me a shout.
  2. Well,Let me louche up a couple of glasses and we'll see what happens tonight!
  3. Yes.They are correct.I am a seasoned crossword puzzle solver.The absinth keeps me from getting distracted by other things.
  4. My mom has Meyer lemon trees in her yard.Last year I made lemoncello.I have a green glass lightbulb shaped jug from Naples,Italy.I grated the lemons since the skins were so thin.it was VERY strong and horrible.Not one to waste liquor I tried mixing it with different juices and such.I finally landed on tonic water as a nice mixer.Next time I'll be much more careful with the rind and use the rest for lemonade.
  5. A little like losing your virginity n'est ce pas ?
  6. Bed is not the place for eating...........crackers anyway.....
  7. Bonjour et salut ! I love your bargain hunting savvy and resourcefulness.