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  1. Hi all! Long time no see; I have had some hectics years, learning a new career and finding a couple of jobs. I even moved to another city last year. But I just finished a week of being sick with the flu, had the time to peruse the web, got hooked up again to the absinthe world through the Facebook page and wanted to ask advice on how to do something. I am barely using absinthe spoons these days, so I wanted a way to display them and enjoy them. I thought of making kind of a board / picture frame to which I could hang them; even having the option of removing them for use, if need be. I have purchase a glass-free frame. I want to attach the spoons to it with some hardware - as I said, with the option of taking them out - but I do not know what to use. Does someone have any ideas? I include a pic of the frame - the empty space you see at the bottom is waiting on the arrival of an antique spoon from Marc's website
  2. I just came back from Barcelona. La Cava de los Faros is no longer a physical store were it used to be. I was pissed when I found out. This is the second time that this has happened to me. The first one was the Absinthe Museum in New Orleans. I have to stop visiting absinthe places or I'll make them all disappear... I just checked on their website and it states that "Offices are located at Passatge Sant Bernat 3-5 bajos 08001 Barcelona", but it does not say if they are selling to passers-by or if the offices are just for business matters. Google street view does not provide a pic of a store front. They still sell via internet though. Also, there is a new absinthe bar: Absenta Bar Carrer Sant Carles 36, Barcelona. I did not visit mainly because they burn the absinthe. They state in their website that "in 1897 a police raid discovered the existance of a clandestine place in a discreet corner where sailors and artists drank the then forbidden absinthe". I would have had many problems talking with the people in these place. They sell their own concoction in a shop, but they do not offer an absinthe menu on the website, so I thought it would be a waste of the little time we had. Anyone visited it? Also, there are plenty of souvenir shops in the Barrio Gotico selling a box of two small bottles of "Absenta Calavera". They were neon green and black, so I did not bother.
  3. Joseph, I love you forever! No, Dracula in fact is Jonathan Rhys-Meyers - not my type of Dracula but eh. The Dark Lord stormed in, all right, just to save Mina from another absinthe drinker that wanted to have his way with her. Your scene would have been a lot better
  4. Well, it wasn't actually Dracula doing the ritual - he wasn't even there. It was some unnamed Bohemian that just happened to be around. Not that that is an excuse anyway...
  5. Coppola's absinthe scene is one that I loved very much to recreate when I was 16 (before I even knew what absinthe was). I used to take a sugar cube and a glass of orange juice and pretend that I was Mina
  6. Another awful burning scene, people . It appears in episode 3 of season 1 (Goblin Merchant Men), around minute 21:45. You have a screen shot in my blog. I already screamed my lungs out in frustration when I commented on the travesty. I took the liberty to include some paragraphs of the FAQ of this site (giving credit and linking back, of course). It is a pity, the sugar holder is a wonderful replica, maybe even a real antiquity. They just missed the carafe .
  7. Indeed! I recently told someone I enjoyed absinthe, and he told me that his friends took him to a bar where he was served an awful-tasting shot of absinthe. I put my teaching hat and proceeded to explain the basics: that absinthe had to be diluted, that it should taste of anise to begin with... He was not convinced by my explanations, though. I should insist that he seeks the name of the bar for me, so I can check it myself (he did not remember it). I have purchased until now three Spanish absinthes, Obsello, Deva and Lasala. Deva and Lasala, I like them both, but I guess it is because I love the strong anise taste. It's very difficult to find anything else in them, apart from a slight bitterness. I liked the Obsello too, so different from the other two, but it's becoming more difficult to find here, even online.
  8. I hear you. My husband bought for me a bottle of Pernod as a surprise gift. Poor man did not know what he was doing... We only drank one glass to try it. It is sitting in the shelf ever since. But thanks for the Pernod link, Louchey. Some of those images can make for good desktop wallpapers.
  9. Yes, I know there are many videos of people doing stupid things with absinthe. I am referring to those mini movies or vintage/antique clips that are really worth watching, such as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLOKFN9kHtE&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLrV0gzmeOL7mlQiAaSbB0wA I know there are several clips floating around the forum, but I have not been able to find them. Could we possible have a thread to put them all together? Maybe if you have nothing else to do you could point us in the right direction (i.e. link to the thread) to find them if you know where they are?
  10. I did not know about that painting. Thanks for sharing!