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  1. Hey, just want to say thanks, this is one of the best forums, it has been my pleasure to be on. And you are always tiring to help me with my grammar. I'm glad i discovered absinthe. It is the only drink for me. Oh by the way ive had 8 so what ever
  2. Thank you very much, i will try to post a picture in a little while, of the uranium saucers i bought. I have just got done with my 7th glass tonight, and just do not feel like messing with it at the moment. Again thank you, and ill let you know how it goes.
  3. I was thinking if I can get a glass that looks good, I'd just take a Dremel tool and mark the glass with one dose. But it needs to be a Vaseline/ uranium glass, that would pass for a Absinthe glass. I have just bought 6 uranium saucers, that are very nice. The wife is going to take them to work and check them for radioactivity.
  4. Thanks, i tried to do a link to photo bucket, but was unsuccessful, don't know what i am doing wrong. I can build, and fix computers, but i have a hard time with the Operating system sometimes, and doing things on the internet, like this picture thing.
  5. Just wondering if any of you know the best place to look for Vaseline/uranium absinthe glasses? I have just recently bought some uranium glass saucers, and a I'm looking to buy a cup or two. Thanks for any help.
  6. How do you post pictures to this site, I'm not real computer literate, most sites I've been to have a manage downloads button. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I like this one too. How do you guys post pictures on here? The reviews say it has a metal spout on the skeletal drink dispenser.
  8. Thank you for the info, will be ordering as soon as I can.
  9. Where can you buy Ridge? I looked, and looked online and could not find it, was wanting to buy one bottle yesterday, after reading the reviews. Thanks for any info.
  10. Spell check is all over "fat fingering" and do I ever need it! I like the Mansinthe, I just thought the Kübler was a better choice for the trip.
  11. Well i finished a bottle of Strong68, and a bottle of Mansinthe. The wife was wanting to go on a camping trip for the weekend so i went to the local store. To see if they had any absinthe, they told me they did not. They said a few people had ask for it before. I was looking around the store and i found a bottle of La Torment, and a bottle of Kübler. I bought the Kübler, I have to say, I liked it very much, a very nice Absinthe to take on a camping trip. I think i liked it better than the Strong68, as a matter of fact. I'm starting to think the Strong68 kind of sucks. I like the Mansinthe, but i think the Kübler was a very good choice for being outdoors camping. Glad i didnt get the La Torment after reading the reviews
  12. Now that i have drank a whole bottle of Strong68, and almost a whole bottle of Mansinthe. I like the Mansinthe better. The strong is OK, but the Mansinthe is better.
  13. Im thinking ill get both the la coquette and the 1901 , if they dont like them, oh well more for me. One of the friends likes jagermeister so i think she will like the absinthe, dont know if her husband will. If he doesnt, ill take one of the bottles back home, probably the 1901, to enjoy myself. Maybe ill let the wife have one
  14. Im not sure if strong is all i want, i would like to experence many differant types, but would like 2 very speical bottle to share with the friends.
  15. Ok so me and the wife are going to go home and see family and friends. me and the wife have not drank a lot of absinthe, strong68 and mansinthe are all we have had. The couple we are going to see are very close friends, they have never heard of absinthe, much less drank any. We will not see them agian for about two years, so i thought id share two bottles with them. The question is what would all of you buy.