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  1. Well, since I sadly polished off my bottle of Lucid this morning (it's a wonderful I've found to go out for a nice drive at first light while it's still cool; no one on the mountain roads but me for a free, swift drive then to come home and mellow with a nice glass of absinthe as the sun rises up over the horizon. It's almost magical; corny I know but it really is fantastic. <3 ), and I've hit every store in town and nobody has ANY absinthe. So I was hoping you guys might be able to direct me to a site I can simply order from and perhaps some varieties to try. ^^
  2. Aye, many thanks all for the welcome. ^^ Sorry it took a day or two to reply, I'm out a lot so I don't get online to often. X3 None the less! Again, many thanks. ^^
  3. Hello all! Just poking my head into the new comers area. :p Tried my first absinthe last night and used the info here on proper preparations to make sure it was done right. And as it turns out, I'm absolutely, fantastically, in love with it. Which is a heck of a feat since aside from Vodkas, I've never liked any other liquor or spirit. My first glass was of Lucid, bought after reading the reviews of it here and I must say that if it's only a middle of the road quality absinthe then I can't wait to get my hands on something finer; because if Lucid is a measure of what decent acceptable absinthe is I can only imagine how much better the finer varieties must be. Well, that's it for my introduction I think, looking forward to getting to know you all. Peace!