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  1. Found this beauty on an antique market for very nice price:) ...I'm so excited!
  2. Still smaller and made in millions.....
  3. Welcome here! I'm quite new as well, but people are kind here! Enrich yourself with all the knowledge spread on this forum!
  4. I always have a bottle of Pernod Fils absinthe on my cupboard for curious guests...although they are always asking to set the sugar cube on fire, I dissapoint them by saying it's not done at my place, only the real french method:)
  5. Ok, for those who are still hesitating:) 350 euros, shipping included. Ikea is more expensive for its posters! With the money, I would like to finally finish my bathroom. Feel free to ask questions!
  6. Tried to order it online, but apparently, it's not available for europe....Is there a site that's ships to Belgium? Tata! Dieter
  7. well, the poster is too large for my living room now....it would have looked nicely in my previous home, but I had to move, because the landlord has put it for sale...still looking for a nice home for the poster!
  8. Hello dear absinthe fans, My name is Dieter, I'm a 27 year old Belgian guy living in Ghent. I have always been fascinated about the French culture and of course absinthe, although I'm only collecting since the last 7 years. As a child, I always went to the south of France with my parents. And this is were I fell in love with the belle epoque french culture. I'm more interested in absinthe antiques, as well as match strikers, 'siphons',...but nothing pleases me more than a nice good prepared absinthe on a nice evening (in an antique glass of course). My collection is not that large, I have about 70 different absinthe spoons, 30 glasses, 15 absinthe match strikers and some other stuff. I recently found an absinthe fountain for a real bargain on an antique market here in Belgium (50 euros!). Nice to meet you guys! Dieter
  9. Hi guys! I'm sorry for my late reply, I'm new here, therefore need some time to adjust:) But I 'll do my best to do my contributions to this site:) Ok, read my introductary talk in the 'introduction' session:) Btw, poster still for sale! PM me or mail me for details, questions! Dieter
  10. Hi all! I'm a Belgian absinthe antiques collector and bought a large original poster a while ago. Unfortunately, the poster is way too large to put in my small living room, therefore, I would like to resell it. Here are some characteristics: The poster is a genuine Henri Lemonnier which dates from 1925 for the brand 'un peureux'. An absinthe brand which switched to anis liqueurs after the ban. The poster comes directly from the archives from a printing office. The colours are beautifully vivid! The poster was printed in two parts. Total dimensions: 2m40 x 1m60. (95x63 inches). Price: 400 euros, shipping included.