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  1. A tall order to fill, especially givin guidelines like, "The color should be pleasing and have nuance." and, "A pleasant fragrance should fill the air in the surrounding area. " Rather vague and subjective terms.
  2. Sing it, Brother! So, what is an acceptable level of subjectivity, seems to be the key issue. Glad you made the most of it. Remind me to duck.
  3. Not true. There are numerous sites with very specific guidelines and devoted patrons which get reviews that make you scratch your head and wonder if they are sincere or deranged. Or perhaps, they are the only sane ones and all the others in the majority have just bought into the dogma of "the man." "Come and see the violence inherit in the system. Help. Help, I'm being repressed!" You are making an assumption that I am trying to discourage others (something for which you give me far to much credit of weilding such power) or that I haven't the desire to write reviews. I am just trying to understand the process and the objectives clearly. It is the engineer in me. Thank you for all the information.
  4. To me, as much as possible, means 100% if you could achieve it, but lamementably it never will be. So, I apologize if I didn't understand it to mean, up to a certain (indeterminate) percentage, since we want a blend of subjectivity to create a proper review, as much as we want a blend of ingredients to create a fine beverage. Um..isn't this a contradiction? I'm confuzzled. Are you saying that a variety of reviews doesn't induce an individual to be more subjective? I would certainly agree with that, but as a group consisting of vastly different observational skills (as you put it), it does, which you affirmed. I agree that all opinions are valid, and most certainly to that person with said opinion, since it is their enjoyment at stake. Like Ambear has said a couple of times, it was helpful to her to find the reviews of people with the same tastes as hers, so she knows other items are likely to follow suit. But, if their tastes/opinions diverge from the posted objective "...when someone is drawn to absinthe, they are usually seeking that genuine and complete Belle Époque experience..." are they invalid at that point?
  5. With all due respect, I beg to differ. There are some individuals that would best serve the process by not starting. I'm not just speaking about this forum. Go online and read the reviews of any product. There are crackpots creating noise (only meant in the best posible spirit of the word Tatan) on both sides.
  6. I just think it is paridoxical that on the one hand, we want to eliminiate the subjectivity, and in essence, eliminate the need for multiple reviews, since if all subjectivity is taken out, they should all gravitate to the same norm, n'est-ce pas? But, on the other hand, we encourage all the subectivity that a variety of reviews provides.
  7. As the current top reviewer, I can tell you that I go back and edit reviews on a regular basis. It's almost necessary, as new batches come out, palates change, products change in the bottle, or even as the category as a whole changes. For example, Lucid scored much better when it first came out because it didn't have the level of quality competition as it does now. Would you say that your current edits are minor, for the most part, or significantly different? Well, even scored "properly" (which I assume means by the guidlines or the review submittal), there will still be a far cry more subjectivity for a first time reviewer.
  8. Same here. Guess we were looking at the same stuff. Though, I still did manage to order five bottles. What a bargain. Thanks again, Big Mike, for the info.
  9. O, Happy Day! May it be as momentus as the first one. Happy Birthday!
  10. Personally, I would rather read reviews from individuals that have broad experience and perspective and aren't likely to need to edit their original reviews significantly. I suppose it depends on the purpose of the reviews. If you are really trying to remove the subectivity, then wouldn't you want someone to wait until they truly understand the judging criteria? Writing personal, but un-posted reviews seems like an excellent way to gain that experience but not waste other's time with unreliable data. On the other hand, if we are trying to get a broad user perpective (which sounds a lot to me like personal preference) so that casual observers can perhaps find others with similar tastes, then why not keep all reviews, rather than editing them. Just post another review. Perhaps, it would be helpful to see how an individuals tastes developed over time
  11. Sounds like sage advice. Some day I hope to add to the reviews. Right now I'm stillplowing through as many different types as I can to figure out the ones that I really like. Soon, I hope to start figuring out why I really like them and I can start the review peocess. Of course, by them I'll have no money for food, so absinthe will be my only sustinence, which may skew the reviews. But, thanks to all the giants who have come before, to guide us noobs out of the darkness, into the light.
  12. Huzzah! Since it is gracing most of the lists on the Top 10 thread, I'm very much anticipating this, even if it doesn't share all the exact same characteristics of the first two batches. Many thanks!
  13. Yes, I second the belated regards. I hope it was a day to remember for at least 364 more.
  14. Sweeeeet! Thanks for the heads up and the info. I haven't even gotten through all the bottles that came this week, but it will be good to keep the pipeline full. The only problem is I spend half the work day wishing I were home to be drinking the stuff and the other half trying to track down the shipments.
  15. Movies and historical/technical inaccuracies?? NEVER! It has gotten quite good reviews, which is a departure from all his recent work. I was all fired up to see this today, until I found out it doesn't get released here until June 10th. Ugh! I guess it comes with living in a town who's cultural highlight is a new Walmart opening.