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  1. Do they do any absinthe chocolates? Since we are alread a little off topic, Gatsby where do you buy all of those wunderful araks?
  2. Good luck Ted. I will be drinking a toast in your honour.
  3. I just got a bottle of Kübler 53 from a friend that just got back from France. I had it in my bag last night as I was visiting my favorite local dive bar and ran into a a guy I met last week from Portugal. After reading a little bit of your history of absinto yesterday, I decided to ask him if he ever had any back home in Lisbon. He got all excited and wanted me to open the bottle right then and there. He is in his early 20s and I assume one of the macerated high alcohol absinto drinkers. He told me that all of the absintos are clear (Blanc or Bleu) and very high alcohol. Traveler, can you tell us a little bit about the colour, alcohol contents, and flavour profiles of the distilled absintos. Thanks.
  4. I must admit that I have had chocolate that was too bitter for me. Chocolate candies like bar chocolate truffles and fudge, I like semi-sweet. Chocolate flavored things cakes, ice-cream, hot drinks, I like a little sweeter. Don't get me started on Godiva liquor.
  5. I have to agree with TheGreenOne I like green liquorice too. I was never as much of a fan of the black jellybeans, too sweet and not right. Every once in a while I do crave red Twizzlers at the movies. I really do like Fresh Fennel (raw Fennel makes for a yummy salad, braised or in a soup pretty good too). I have had some nice licorice flavored teas and love it in sweet Italian sausage. I liked the one Arak I had, but not overly fond of Pernod or Sambucas. I am just not a big fan of overly sweet things, chocolate being the exception to the rule.
  6. So I finally got to open my birthday present. I had the package delivered to my friend Kenneth's place. I took a couple of cordial glasses, a pontarlier, raw sugar cubes, and a couple of spoons (His birthday presents). I broke my my pontarlier the night before. We broke out the VdF first. I made his in the pontarlier with 1 sugar cube. I had one of the cordial glasses. I have a bit of a heavey hand when making drinks. Great aroma, beatiful louche, first taste bitter!!! A second sugar cube, still bitter. More water, better but now I'm drinking a black jellybean. Oh no!!! I had been looking forward to this for so long. BdF. I used a lighter hand making the glass. What a difference. Now I am tasting the blend of herbs. This is what I had hoped for. Anis, fennel, herbs I can't identify, with a nice bitterness in the background. This is what I had been looking forward to. The flovor could never be mistaken for a pastis, arak, or even Absente. Lesson learned, it doesn't pay to pour absinth strong. I tried the VdF again with a lighter hand. It made all the difference. I didn't use any sugar in this one. Very nice, this time all of the flavors were balanced. All in all the best first date ever. Thanks to all of you. The website and the forum are a great resource. I just wanted to share my first experiece with all of you.
  7. Thank you all. It was a good birthday, but tonight I get to open my presents from the Flying Monkeys. I'll save the Clandestine for another night.
  8. ooopsie. The order was from LdF. I ordered the BdF. Bring on the lubed up lesbians.
  9. I think I was on the same Flying Monkey delivery as Sandpedlar. Ordered Thursday morning last Thursday Morning, delivered about 1:00 today. I am so excited. My first order: VdF, LdF, and Clandestine. My only worry is that my friend that is splitting the cost with me, talked about looking forward to the tripping balls part. Sheesh. I only ordered the VdF to make sure he had something green. I told him about this site and F V. I thought he had done some reading. Oh well. Might just mean more absinthe for me. Luscious Oily Lesbians!. Can't wait until Friday night.
  10. Thank you Hiram. Not even the last mistake I will make tonight.
  11. Back in my brewing days, I had a lot of friends using 1056. Better than most other ale yeasts out there. I knew people that got up to 20% using it. With repitching I have heard of it going upto 24-25%. I was strictly an ale brewer. I used it for everthing but my stronger English and Scottish ales. It never produced the right levels of esters for them.
  12. Don't know anybody who has made good mead or beer for that matter using baking yeast. It just isn't the same animal. Some yeasts can make large amounts of esters, fusil alcohols, and other nasty tasting stuff. Baking yeast is specifically chosen to make less alcohol and more CO2. If there is a homebrew or wine making store around get yeast from them. A small investment that makes a dramatically better product. You can get the proper yeasts for $2-$10 depending on the strain and how it is prepared. A friend of mine in Dallas was a great mead maker. He owned a small meadery for a year. (Great mead maker, not the best businessman.) He always suggested using a good wine yeast, or Wyeast 1056 (the same yeast used by Sierra Nevada beers aka Chico yeast) He said the Wine yeasts are quicker, but take time to age out the funkyness, or use 1056 which is slower, but makes a cleaner product that is drinkable as soon as it is done.
  13. I have always liked Chartreuses as well. I have only had the green. I think it is best served after dinner with espresso on the side. I have also enjoyed it mixed with tonic. Once a friend in Dallas tasted from my glass. He complained about the strength and proceed to set my glass of Chartreuse on fire. A complete waste of alcohol. Luckily there was nobody there to document and propagate the "Dallas Chartreuse Fire Ritual."
  14. Hi, I am lucky to have missed several "opportunities" to try absinth. The idea of absinthe and all of the mystique etc. has fascinated me. I was lucky because all of those opportunities were to try what I now know to be Czechsinth. Tasting one of them may have killed the whole fascination. A friend of mine is interested in trying absinthe so he knowingly triggered my OCD and asked me to look into finding Absinthe online. Luckily I found this site and a couple of others that warned me before ordering shit. Today I made my first order with LDF. My friend is sharing in the order. I ordered the BdF/VdF special combo for us to split, and a bottle of the Clandestine just for me. I hope the flying monkeys are able to deliver before next weekend. My birthday is the 18th and his is the 21st. I am hoping to have a very louched birthday. I am also hoping to have a friend return from France with a bottle of the Jade NO sometime around the end of January. Thanks for all of the info and help. Also looking forward to meeting some of you at the planned New York meet. Jay